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 Posted on: Aug 28 2017, 10:22 PM
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Ability Slot (1000 CP)
Description: Ability Slots allow you to purchase another ability for any character to give them the opportunity to possess another perk.

Primary Ability

Primary abilities are purchasable and can be upgraded. Your character is given two primary abilities based on their history. Additional abilities are assigned if your character holds specific position, or if you choose to purchase them. Each primary trait has up to three progressive levels that can be upgraded. Certain traits have their own benefits, while others influence modifiers based on any additional perks your character may possess. The only trait that cannot be purchased is magic, which is rare and cannot be learned.

Charismatic (2000 CP)
Primary Ability
Description: Charisma is the lifeblood of nobility. This character is capable of motivating others to act on his behalf, make convincing and persuasive proposals, and is a capable orator. Charisma grants the person the ability to motivate troops, improving morale gains and reducing loss of spirit on the battlefield. In addition, there are a multitude of different perks that are determined by the Charismatic perk.

  • LEVEL 1: This character is a persuasive and convincing figure. Their ability to make others feel valued around them garners significant praise amongst important folk. Raise reputation by 1.
  • LEVEL 2: This individual’s charisma goes beyond the ordinary, allowing them to influence others in ways that can be considered captivating. The individual’s presence and aura makes those around them feel safe and desired, allowing them to maintain great morale within troops even in dire situations, a trait that will be considered golden in warfare. Increase reputation further by 1.
  • LEVEL 3: This character’s charisma can be considered unnatural, religious. They are practically worshipped by those who choose to follow them, whether from heroic deeds or just by nature of their being. This individual inspires incredible morale on the battlefield, their soldiers would be willing to die for their leader. Any individual who reaches this point will have the unyielding loyalty of their soldiers, granting morale immunity. Their soldiers will neither retreat, nor surrender, so long as they are still alive. Furthermore, their reputation is increased by 1.
Great Intellect (2000 CP)
Primary Ability
Description: This character possesses a mind that a very rare few have. Whether it is capable of memorizing things with ease, learning languages, identifying patterns in movement, playing chess or otherwise. This individual is capable of using their ingenious mind to resolve situations quickly. Furthermore, certain traits and skills are dependent upon the Intellect Ability.
  • LEVEL 1: There are no bonus perks at this stage, but any trade or skill from the intellect based traits and skills will begin to take effect.
  • LEVEL 2: Your character begins to truly outshine others in terms of mental capability. You may be a master of a significant amount of languages, maintain an inhuman amount of knowledge, or otherwise be able to resolve puzzles relatively quickly.
  • LEVEL 3: Your character is immensely talented, capable of learning skills quickly and efficiently. Your character may learn any skill they desire at half cost, note that this does not affect traits, only certain types of learnable trades.
Great Strength (2000 CP per each level purchased)
Primary Ability
Description: This character has a powerful frame and body, capable of using heavy weapons and heavy armor without hindrance and can overpower others with brute strength.
  • LEVEL 1: This character is capable of wielding heavy weaponry and armour without any significant detriment to their stamina. Wearing bulky plate means little to them, and using weapons heavier than the average comes to them effortlessly.

  • LEVEL 2: At this stage, this character has developed their strength enough to be able to effortlessly wear his armour, and wield heavy weapons with ease. The user is considered to be at the peak of their human physiological boundaries, capable of partaking in long fights with great exertion without being hampered.

  • LEVEL 3: At the final stage, is what is considered "Mountain-tier" strength. The character goes far above and beyond what is physically humanly possible. Capable of wearing immense heavy plate, while wielding a greatsword in one hand and a great-shield in the other. Being able to crush a man's skull with their bare hands, being able to kill with bare fists alone. Reaching this level of strength locks out any chance of purchasing level 3 upgrades in Lightning Quick or Precise.
Lightning Quick (2000 CP)
Primary Ability
Description: This character was born with excellent reflexes and explosive muscle generation, granting greater quickness and reaction time.
  • LEVEL 1: Through training or natural talent, this character's reflexes are quicker than the average human, allowing them to be quickly process danger in front of them. While they are not any faster than the ordinary person, their raw instincts may be able to save them from a fatal blow.

  • LEVEL 2: This individual has worked on their quickness and their reactions, and practiced movements to attune their bodies to their instincts, resulting in incredible reflexes and athletic ability. They are able to dodge, often uncannily, using quick trigger muscle movements. At this level, the character has the ability to close distances and retreat with quick footwork, and has great sprinting ability when necessary,

  • LEVEL 3: At this stage, your character has superhuman reflexes. Time seems to be slower to your character than ordinary people, being able to see time 20% slower than the ordinary person, and being able to move as such. Your character moves with speed and uncanny instinct, capable of deflecting, avoiding and parrying the greatest soldiers while being able to use their momentum and quickness to generate force to overpower others. You running speed greatly surpasses that of an average human at peak physical aptness and performing parkour or acrobatics in light armor is a mainstay of your combat style. You cannot purchase Precise or Great Strength level 3 when this level is unlocked.

Magic (Unpurchaseable)
Primary Ability, cannot be upgraded
Description: Magic is a rare trait that manifests itself within certain bloodlines. Whether your character is gifted with the blood of the Old or the kiss of Valyrian fire blood, your character possesses the gift to move further into the realms of fantasy. Magic affects modifiers based on the unique type of magic you have.

Pain Resistant (1500 CP)
Primary Ability
Description: This character possesses an abnormally high resistance to pain. While allowing them to withstand more duress in combat, this perk does not mitigate the actual amount of physical damage received.

Precise (2000 CP)
Primary Ability
Description: This character possesses a near superhuman gift for hand-eye coordination, allowing them to aim at even the smallest target in the distance, or find gaps in thick plates with ease.
  • LEVEL 1: A character at this level is able to aim at a stationary target up to 90m away and hit the bullseye nearly every time. Moving targets tend to be a bit difficult, but this character is capable of typically hitting some part of them. Aiming for this character may take a moment to get it exact.
  • LEVEL 2: This character has trained and worked heavily on their aim. They are now capable of hitting a moving target with a greater accuracy and at a farther distance. Taking aim and hitting a target takes mere seconds to complete. Typically, their hands will be more steady than the average person.
  • LEVEL 3: At this level, a character has mastered the art of precision. The force behind such practiced hands is the driving factor here. Hitting a fatal point on a body has become second nature to them, and they can do so without much thought or preparation needed. Simply aim and fire, and it’s sure to be deadly. Reaching this level of precision locks out any chance of purchasing level 3 upgrades in Lightning Quick or Great Strength.

Identity Attributes

These perks are traits of a character’s personality that they can choose to accentuate or diminish. These traits can be actively learned or discarded with the proper discipline. They also include lifestyle choices, which are described as decisions a character actively makes for themselves. Lifestyle choices are made on their own accord, others may have an influence on their decisions but ultimately these attributes are only made by the character.

Accomplished Killer
Special Position, or earned through IC means
Description: This character is respected and feared across the realms for their martial competence and accomplishments. Gain 1 reputation.

Aware (1000 CP)
Starting Ability
Description: Wisdom is one of the most pressing matters in this character’s life. Their experience and the good judgment they exhibit has led them to becoming a source of knowledge for those who are troubled or seeking counsel. Their sageness is revered and counsel from someone who possesses Aware could end up turning the tides of war in someone's favor. Gain 1 reputation.

Benevolent (1000 CP)
Starting Ability
Description: This character embodies compassion, kindness, and their heart overflows with the embodiment of charity. It does not matter who they encounter, they treat every individual the same because they uphold they belief everyone deserves to be addressed with a smile. For every ten acts of kindness or five new companions they gain, this character’s reputation increases by 1.

Starting Ability
Description: Luck has always found its way into this character's life. Whether they deserve it or not, it seems as though the person has become a centre point for some supernatural force to enact their wishes. With the ability Blessed, the negative perks Losing The Game and Bounty have no effect on this character.

Dauntless (1000 CP)
Starting Ability
Description: In the face of danger or any situation that would make the average man flee in terror, this character feels themselves become invigorated and unwavering. Their courage can be attributed to any concepts within the realm. They gain an inflated sense of bravery and will indulge in feats others wouldn’t have half the mind to embark upon. This character’s reputation is increased by 1 as long as their status of valor is not compromised or afflicted.

Devoted (1000 CP)
Starting Ability
Description: A character with this perk possesses a sense of loyalty that is unprecedented. To those that they pledge their allegiance to, they are unyieldingly adoring and committed. They never go back on their word or would fathom betraying those who have earned their devout following. Gain 1 reputation.

Disciplined (1000 CP)
Starting Ability
Description: A character that possesses the ability Disciplined adheres to a code of conduct that aligns with their beliefs and values. Despite their personal ideologies, this character is bound to their honor. They will always abide by what they sincerely believe is a conventional code of ethics or else their honor is tarnished by their inability to support their values. Reputation is increased by 1 if the character abides by the general code of conduction of the realm.

Expressive (1000 CP)
Starting Ability
Description: A character with the ability Expressive has always had an affinity for the arts. Whether it be song, dance, or on the canvas, whatever they create is utterly breathtaking. Their tendency to gravitate towards the arts gives the ability to more effectively convey their emotions and thoughts. Gain 1 reputation.

Faithful (1000 CP)
Starting Ability
Description: This character is faithful to the Seven or has a reputation of great respect for the Faith of the Seven. They gain 1 reputation as a result of their devotion.

Starting Ability
Description: This character possesses a natural beauty that inexplicably attracts others to them. People will find it more difficult to maintain their calm around this character. This character receives 20 CP multiplied by the level of their Great Intellect primary ability when they actively flirt or are flirted with in a thread. The bonus CP only counts once every thread. They also gain 1 reputation as a result.

Gregarious (1000 CP)
Starting Ability
Description: This character is is helpful, friendly, actively seeking social situations and has garnered a reputation of a pleasant disposition. Gain 1 reputation, which will be lost if the character acts different in the public sphere.

Politician (1000 CP)
Starting Ability
Description: This character possesses a preternatural ability at playing the game of thrones, having a cunning nature and capable negotiation skills. Gain 1 reputation.

Starting Ability
Description: This character was born with a silver spoon in their mouth. They will yearn for nothing their entire life. When purchasing army units for their kingdoms, wealthy individuals receive a 10% discount on all purchases. Gain 1 reputation.

Trades and Skills

These are perks that directly correlate to the abilities and hobbies a character has learned through skill and experience. Trade based perks can be a character’s main profession or an ability they have learned on a secondary base. Skills can be learned at any age but the proficiency is contingent upon the amount of time a character dedicates to each skill.

Alchemy (1500 CP)
Starting Ability
Description: An individual skilled in the creation of unique solutions to various effects. This individual is capable of creating poisons and rare solutions, though each solution requires a cost, and can only be used once. Alchemy is determined by the character’s level of Great Intellect.

  • LEVEL 1: Having just begun your understanding of alchemy, you cannot yet fully prepare everything that is require to safely produce elixirs or poisons. You can however, detect when poisons have been in play, be able to identify if anything chemical related was taken into consideration.
  • LEVEL 2: Having advanced further into the field, Your character is able to produce certain formulas: Moon Tea, Shade of the Evening, Milk of the Poppy, and the common Nightshade poison.
  • LEVEL 3: You can produce a medicine known as a Cure-All, which is a universal antidote for any poisons or infections. In addition, you are able to create rare and exotic poisons, such as the Tears of Lys, to be used once.
Combatant (500 CP)
Starting Ability
Description: This character is skilled at arms, and can wield weapons with expertise, granting an advantage in a battlefield situation or in a duel.
  • LEVEL 1: This individual knows the basics of combat, allowing them to use standard weapons with fair efficiency. In terms of armor and weaponry, these individuals are capable of using any armor they get their hands on, although their technique with exotic weapons or non-standard items may be limited.
  • LEVEL 2: This character has advanced in his or her understanding of combat, being capable of using better footwork and precision in their technique. They can generally move in armor without inhibition, and have learned to fight gauging pace and timing. This is the level at which most knights of the realm have reached. Gain 1 reputation.
  • LEVEL 3: This character’s capabilities have extended into superior combat levels. Their experience with the weapon of their choice has become proficient enough that they will have a clear advantage over an opponent. They can essentially use any melee weapon with fair efficacy, while the basics, footwork, edge alignment and technique have become instinctual. Gain 1 further reputation.
Engineer (1500 CP)
Starting Ability
Description: An individual skilled in creating unique structures and advanced buildings. Engineers can build castles and architect new constructions. They can also build siege weaponry and naval fleets. Engineers hasten the speed at which battle preparations begin, from digging trenches to building trebuchets; they are vital to all forms of warfare. Engineer skill is dependent on a character’s Great Intellect.
  • LEVEL 1: At this stage, this character is capable of overseeing the construction and use of siege weaponry, artillery and other forms of construction. Their presence increases the efficiency of construction of artillery and other siege weapons by a significant margin.
  • LEVEL 2: test
  • LEVEL 3: test
Master of Arms (2000 CP)
Requires Purchase of Combatant Level 3
Description: At this stage, melee becomes dangerous when a character places themselves in a skirmish or combat related situation. Mastery over melee arms grants the user great reflexes and tactical thinking in the midst of combat. Anticipation and reading the opponent, as well as near flawless weapon techniques are expected at this stage. This individual is at the very top echelon of combat proficiency. Being able to use any weapon and having mastery over it, this character is flawless in their technique. Gain 2 reputation.

Master Huntsman (1500 CP)
Requires Survivalist
Description: Exposure to the wilderness has given this character extensive experience with the hunt. They possess the ability to wield any weapon useful for hunting, authority over the hounds that accompany them, and the necessarily skills to accurately identify and track whatever game catches their attention.
  • LEVEL 1: At this level, a character does not have advanced knowledge of proper technique or tactics but can proficiently use nearly any weapon they get their hands on as long as it is meant for long range purposes. Their accuracy and tracking skills surpass those of any average hunter but their hound only dutifully listens to them outside of the hunting realm.
  • LEVEL 2: Specialized techniques can now be developed and comprehended extensively by this character. They have an innate sense of what game inhabits an area and the best methods of felling the creatures. Their accuracy is unfathomable and the range at which they can land a shot has vastly increased. This character’s hound now fulfills its expected duties loyalty, hoping to appease its master by assisting in the hunt.
  • LEVEL 3: Tracking prey and locating various types of creatures comes as naturally as breathing at this level. No challenge is impossible as long as the promise of game is proposed. This character is able to use their settings to their advantage, wield their weapon effortlessly, and command their hound with a gesture as simple as a stare.
Master Horseman (500 CP)
Starting Ability, cannot be upgraded
Description: A skilled jouster and capable rider, this character are capable of using the polearm accurately to skewer opponents off a horse. Any mount they ride is faster than the average mount and more durable. A vital skill in a battlefield. Gain 1 reputation.

Medicine (1500 CP)
Starting Ability
Description: A character that is trained in the art of healing and surgery. Capable of creating unique salves and solutions to cure and heal injured individuals. The skill of your medicine is determined by your Great Intellect ability.
  • LEVEL 1: Able to heal, and mend others at a basic level. Your character understands hygiene, rest, nutrition and can create general anaesthetics. This character has no specialized knowledge related to the study of healing.
  • LEVEL 2: You can cure most illnesses and poisons. You have some experience with surgery and can conduct traumatic field surgery on the spot if it is found necessary. An individual must spend CP to be cured by you. The character that possesses the Medicine ability sets the price for their work.
  • LEVEL 3: You are a medical talent far beyond the normal scope of healing expectations. What were once impossible surgeries or incurable diseases can now be healed by your hand with the immense amount of knowledge and skill that is possessed. Gain 1 reputation for prowess and esteemed reputation as a healer.
Seafarer (1000 CP)
Starting Ability
Description: The water is this character's home. Feeling at ease among the waves, this character has obtained an extensive knowledge of the sea and can travel efficiently and with haste across even the most treacherous span of sea. This individual is skilled in naval warfare and has faster, more uniformed ships. Gain 1 reputation.

Starting Ability
Description: This character is predisposed with an innate, accurate sense of direction and nearly never find themselves lost. They can travel across unfamiliar areas with ease due to their ability to mentally chart their surroundings.

Subterfuge (1500 CP)
Starting Ability
Description: An expert at covert operations, an individual with Subterfuge can perform acts, generally criminal in nature, with relative ease. They can pick locks, impersonate others, and smuggle goods.
  • LEVEL 1: Starting out, a character with the Subterfuge ability is well versed with smuggling, given proper preparation. They’re capable of picking simple locks and blending in with their surroundings.
  • LEVEL 2: At this level, a character is better able to eavesdrop on another’s conversation without calling attention to themselves. Their ability to fool others into thinking they’re someone they’re not is rough around the edges but stable enough. Locks of any kind are a cinch to pick so long as appropriate tools are at hand.
  • LEVEL 3: Having spent much time practicing the art of Subterfuge, this character is now a master in the ways of espionage and impersonation. Their ability to smuggle goods in and out of a city or port is a piece of cake.
Survivalist (1000 CP)
Starting Ability
Description: The elements and the possibility of being claimed by unknown terrain does not intimidate this character. Resourceful and canny, this character is comfortable with the idea of warding off the dangers of the wild because their survival instincts are unmatched.
  • LEVEL 1: More so than the average person, this character has an understanding of what wild vegetation is acceptable for consumption and which ones are a no-go, and can procure the very basics from an animal. They can build makeshift shelters to ward off the elements, but these shelters are shaky at best. Being able to create fire proves difficult but possible with the right determination.
  • LEVEL 2: Having been exposed to the wilds for some time, this character is more adept at providing for themselves via the wonders of natures. They can handcraft some items like bows, simple traps for hunting, and tools for collecting water or transporting it. This character can skin animals for pelts, as well as properly carve the meat off. Determining which herbs are safe and which are toxic is now in their repertoire, where they can even use them against prey. Any shelter they make is more stable, and capable of warding away the sun and rain with ease. The ability to make fire has improved, and become easier to both make and maintain.
  • LEVEL 3: This character can put all that nature has to offer to good use. They can make rope, traps, weapons and shelters, among other things, with relative ease and mastery. They can make expert use of every part of their kill, be it meat, pelt, or innards. This character can sense the changes in weather, like rain and snow, and their affinity to nature ensures that even new terrain can be used to its full potential.

These perks can only be accessed by those who possess the ability to utilize magic at will. Some abilities that require this perk are dependent upon a character’s lineage.

Dragonrider (1000, 4500, 8000 CP)
Valyrian blood only, requires dragonseed, requires dragon egg

  • LEVEL 1: Congratulations, your dragon just hatched! It is a tiny and fragile thing, and it requires nutrition and training. But this dragon is yours. Name it whatever you wish, provide a description, then notify a staff member to edit your profile accordingly.
  • LEVEL 2: Your dragon has grown to become the size of a large horse, with an extended wingspan. It is now able to fly and be mounted by a rider. They are now capable of breathing fire, though not at the same strength nor amount as a mature dragon
  • LEVEL 3: Your dragon is now the size of a large house, with scales that protect it from all but the strongest missile. Your dragon breathes fire that allows it to melt stone and steel alike.
Dragonseed (1000 CP)
Starting Ability, Valyrian Blood Only, cannot be upgraded
Description: Those with an affinity to the dragonlords of Old Valyria have often dreamed of dragons, which haunt them in the night. But Dragonseeds are those who are especially afflicted, often dreaming prophetic dreams of dragons, and possessing a supernatural resistance to fire. In addition, they are able to hatch, raise, and train their dragons.

Fire Worship (3500 CP)
Starting Ability, Fire priest only, Rh’llor Worshipper
Description: A wandering cleric aiming to spread the word of the Lord of Light, Rh'llor. Fire Worshippers have the ability to use fires to perform divinations into the future, though it is often unclear what the message is. They are also able to produce flames upon the appendages of their weaponry. With staff permission, they may also grant a kiss of life, which revives others from death, though the experience removes a part of the resurrected.

  • LEVEL 1: Faithfulness to the Lord of Light grants this character with two notable gifts: the ability to utilize glamours and an immunity to cold. Magical glamours cast an illusion that confuses all senses and allow the Red Priest to adopt whatever physical appearance they prefer. They have the capability to activate and deactivate the glamour at their will. Additionally, they possess an immunity to cold despite how glacial the temperature and climate may become.
  • LEVEL 2: A Red Priest’s loyalty to Rh’llor has now gifted them with the ability to wield fire. The flames can cloak whatever weapon the user chooses to carry. The control over flames is only granted when done in the name of the Lord, proving to be most effective when they directly call out to the Lord through verbal means. The intensity of the flames is slightly amplified if the Red Priest coats their weapon with their own blood as an offering of their piety. Any time fire magic is used leisurely, a small blood sacrifice done in the name of Rh’llor is required.
  • LEVEL 3: The height of their abilities has now been achieved when this level is unlocked. The birth of a shadow demon is now feasible if the priest is a woman. But be warned, the amount of pain is excruciating and the man and woman who created the demon will severely impact their longevity. A kiss of life can now also be performed to revive a corpse, transforming the dead into a wight of fire. Being a painstakingly lengthy and intricate ritual, it cannot be guaranteed that the kiss of life will actually be successful once the act is completed.
Skinchanger (2000 CP)
Starting Ability, Northmen only
Description: Skinchangers are a rare occurrence in the North, but as magic has not weaned, they still exist. Skinchanging allows this character to possess a specific type of animal which understands the thoughts of the character, and they are able to control that animal by entering its mind. Skinchangers cannot control highly intelligent animals, such as dragons or humans.
  • LEVEL 1: At this stage your character has only just awakened to the powers of skinchanging. They will have dreams, uncontrollable in nature, that allow them to look through the eyes of animals around them as they sleep. They will have vivid memories of these dreams but otherwise, there is little that they can do.
  • LEVEL 2: Having slightly more control over your magic, your character now can possess an animal of weak or low level intelligence around them. Whether bird, or wolf, or small prey, your character can use this power to project themselves into a body within a kilometer’s vicinity. Typically you would have a pet that you are attuned to and the pair shares a bond.
  • LEVEL 3: At this stage, your character has near absolute control over their warging capabilities, being able to possess animals for long periods of time, and being able to take control of animals over very long distances with ease.
Reputation Centralized

These are perks that solely deal with the way a character is perceived by the realm. These traits can be disparaging or uplifting in nature but they only affect those who are esteemed in Westeros. Reputation is necessary for nobility, especially those who are keen of finding themselves seated upon the iron throne.

Unlocked at Reputation levels 5 and 10
Description: Depending on the degree of popularity, the public’s love for this character will have different levels of benefits.

  • LEVEL 1: This character is loved by many. Every month, this character may receive a bonus CP of 500 from the staff upon request in the profile edits board. Public actions or requests will be responded to amiably by the general populace. The person responsible, if found, will immediately result in them receiving the Bounty perk at level 1, and their reputation will drop to -5 if they have not been lowered beyond that point.
  • LEVEL 2: This character is exalted by many. Every month, this character may receive a bonus CP of 1500 from the staff upon request in the profile edit boards. Public actions or requests will be responded to very amiably by the general populace. Killing this character will cause uproar, making the murderer hated by the general populace. The killer's reputation immediately drops to -10, gaining the Bounty level 2 perk.
Great Influence
Unlocked at Reputation levels 3, 6, and 9
Description: Influence is the name of the game in politics life in Westeros. It is what determines your power, it is how you sway the audience of nobility to stand by your side.
  • LEVEL 1: Achieved at Reputation 3. Your character has begun to take their first steps into true power. By being able to garner attention of those who are influential to your side, you will find it easier to obtain small favors from the public. Though you do not have enough sway to control major public movements. You may be able to stand out in the sea of voices, but that's about it.
  • LEVEL 2: Achieved at Reputation 6. Your character has become a significant player in the game. People will hear your opinion and they will want to be rally for your causee. Whenever you make a political move, people will take into serious consideration as to what you want to say and think. You will be able to divide public opinion, but if you challenge the status quo directly with rash action you will still be shut down immediately.
  • LEVEL 3: Achieved at Reputation 9. Your character's word is essentially as strong as it can be. You carry with you the persuasion possessed by only the most important players of the game. Your character can move pieces with their words alone; your words are taken very seriously. You can make major political moves, such as usurping houses in position, or actively speak out against your king or liege, politely but without much fear of backlash from your peers. It is more effective for you to act out against someone with a negative reputation. For more information, check "Losing the Game."
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Negative perks are unfortunate issues that your character must work on in order to improve or remove. They are assigned at creation and require CP to remove from your character’s holdings. Some perks cannot be removed entirely, but can be mitigated by the purchase of other perks with modifier effects or by interacting with certain characters.

Innate conditions
These perks are aspects of a character’s life that they are born with or have experienced. It is through no choice of their own that these conditions affect their lives and reputation. Despite their efforts to salvage their image, there is little a character can do to transform the unchangeable, but there are certain exceptions.

Negative Perk, Sand bastards excluded
Description: This character is an illegitimate child born out of wedlock and is heavily discriminated against. Bastards can be legitimized by kings. Reduce reputation by 2.

Legitimized Bastard
Negative Perk, Sand bastards excluded
Description: This character is an illegitimate child born out of wedlock and is heavily discriminated against but has been legitimised by a king. They still have the stigma of being a former bastard, but it is lessened. Reduce reputation by 1.

Negative Perk
Description: A character with this trait is afflicted with one or more missing limbs. This could be something acquired through birth, or a misfortunate event that happened at one point during their life. They could have lost anything from a hand to a whole leg. Reduce reputation by 1.

Targaryen Supporter
Negative Perk
Description: Your character either belongs to House Targaryen, has the trademark appearance or reputation of being a Targaryen, or is an avid Targaryen supporter. Reduce reputation by 1.

Intimidating (5000 CP)
Negative Perk
Description: Your character is born with a burly physique and tall frame. You may have scars or just have a naturally terrifying stare. This gives you a fearsome or terrifying appearance. People are intimidated by how you look and thus your charisma can never go above level 2. Reduce reputation by 1.

Stranger (500 CP)
Negative Perk
Description: This character is not a native to the realm of Westeros. It is only natural for the denizens of the realm to be overtly cautious or wary when it comes to your character's motives. They may not be greeted with warmth and hospitality and they may be turned down when in search of acts of kindness.

Weak (5000 CP)
Negative Perk
Description: This character was has significantly weaker constitution or through birth or unfortunate lifestyle choices. As a result, they are inhibited from properly learning Great Strength, Lightning Quick, or Precise. They are also more prone to weakness in battle, but more often than not this can be improved through lifestyle changes and physical fitness. Reduce reputation by 1.

Negative Identity Attributes

These perks are traits of a character’s personality that they can choose to accentuate or diminish. These traits can be actively learned or discarded with the proper discipline. They also include lifestyle choices, which are described as decisions a character actively makes for themselves. Lifestyle choices are made on their own accord, others may have an influence on their decisions but ultimately these attributes are only made by the character.

Ignorant (2000 CP)
Negative Perk
Description: This character was has significantly lower intelligence or through their own volition is unaware of what is happening around them. As a result, they are inhibited from properly learning Charismatic or Great Intellect. They are prone to being taken advantage of by others, though this can be remedied through active attempts to learn and better oneself.

Vicious (2000 CP)
Negative Perk
Description: A vicious character has a tendency to enjoy being prone to violence and destruction. While this is good for times of war, during a political stage, the individual is seen as brutish and unseemly. Lose 1 reputation.

Corrupt (2000 CP)
Negative Perk
Description: Morality and integrity have been entirely cast off for a character who is Corrupt. Dishonest tactics and deceitful maneuvers are utilized by this character to fulfill whatever dark needs they need to have met. Someone who is Corrupt is unable to purchase the ability Blessed. Reduce reputation by 2.

Guileless (2000 CP)
Negative Perk
Description: Rose colored glasses completely distort this character’s view of the world. Corruption and ill intent do not properly register to someone who is guileless. They are inexperienced or unaware of how the world functions, truly grasping onto the belief of merry endings. Their naivety prevents them from reaching Charisma above level 2.

Hesitant (2000 CP)
Negative Perk
Description: Someone who lacks the ability to make immediate choices or decide with a lucid mind is considered Hesitant. Tentative and unsure, this character does not readily voice their thoughts without deeply brooding first. Someone who is Hesitant cannot purchase Charisma or any of its upgrades.

Fickle (2000 CP)
Negative Perk
Description: A fickle character possesses a manipulative outlook of the world. Fickle characters aim to possess their power for their own ends, and are ultimately harmed by their inability to trust others. This therefore prevents them from increasing their reputation higher than 2.

Muddled (2000 CP)
Negative Perk
Description: This character doesn’t ever seem to have their head on straight. Their thoughts are always swimming around in their head and they seem to have a difficult eloquently expressing them. Often times, they will find themselves lost or misplace an item dear to them. A character who has Muddled as a perk cannot purchase Scout, Survivalist, or Charismatic.

Peculiar (1000 CP)
Negative Perk
Description: This character is considered obscure by the rest of the realm. It could be for a number of reasons but their actions and beliefs do not cohesively fit to the rest of society. They may still be accepted or tolerate by the realm but they are undoubtedly questioned by everyone. A character with the perk Peculiar has their reputation reduced by 1.

Priggish (1000 CP)
Negative Perk
Description: A priggish character turns a blind eye whenever romance or anything with sexual undertones is mentioned. Whether it be an obstinate reaction or one of inexperience, this character retracts themselves from the idea of amorous intent. They are easy to slight romantic interests, and turn off potential marriages. Reduce reputation by 1.

Sociopath (3000 CP)
Negative Perk
Description: The sociopath is a cruel individual who has zero considerations for others. Their reputation is lowered by 3 points and they are unable to gain the Charismatic perk.

Talk of the Town (1500 CP)
Negative Perk
Description: This is the type of character who always has rumors floating around about them. They can be generated for a number of reasons, but one thing is certain: this is not the type of attention they wish to attach to their reputation. When your character engages with others, it's most likely they will be acquainted with their name or face—but not in the way your character would expect.

Tactless (1000 CP)
Negative Perk
Description: Social grace is a necessity to make a lasting impression, at least a positive one. A character who possesses Tactlessness is crippingly unaware of conversational cues, proper vocabulary, and standard practices of sympathy and empathy. No one goes to someone who is tactless in hopes that they will find solace or comfort. Reduce reputation by 1.

Unladylike (2000 CP)
Negative Perk, female only
Description: This character has a temperament or personality that is deemed 'unladylike' by the realm. As social roles as strict and they rebellious, these individuals are harshly punished, this behaviour is severely looked down upon by their peers. This person either has a reputation for savagery or rebelliousness, has a high sexual libido, or has a profession that most ladies do not have, and they are known for it. Lose 1 reputation.

Vainglorious (1000 CP)
Negative Perk
Description: The world revolves solely around someone who is vainglorious. They do not have any consideration for others or how their actions affect those who are not them. Vanity is their sole priority and it’s ultimately their downfall. They often are unaware of events occurring outside of the sphere of themselves and boast an exaggerated reputations other can easily foil since it was crafted with the intent to impress. Reduce reputation by 1.

Reputation Centralized

These are perks that solely deal with the way a character is perceived by the realm. These traits can be disparaging or uplifting in nature but they only affect those who are esteemed in Westeros. Reputation is necessary for nobility, especially those who are keen of finding themselves seated upon the iron throne.

Negative Perk, Achieved at -5 and -10 Reputation
Description: Your character,whether by misfortune or having performed a number of inordinate horrible actions, has become the focal point of hatred by members of society. Your character receives no love from the common folk, and furthermore, you are marked by a bounty. Whoever claims your character's life shall receive a bonus CP, dependent on your character's level of reputation.

  • LEVEL 1: At this level, killing your character grants a bounty of 5000 CP, awarded split between all persons responsible for the death of that particular character within the thread. At this level, your character is not yet known to the general public, but they will know your identity should that slip out. As a highborn, you are immensely disliked by your peers, and they would not hesitate to rebel if they decide to usurp you.

  • LEVEL 2: At this level, killing your character grants a bounty of 10000 CP between all any or all members within the thread. At this level, your character is loathed, all of Westeros knows your face, and your identity is synonymous with universal hatred. Your best option is to conceal yourself from Westeros, or leave its borders for the time being.
Losing The Game
Negative Perk, House Lord or King Only, achieved at -3, -6, and -9 Reputation
Description: As a House Lord, your reputation means a significant amount. Having a high reputation ensures that your claims and lands are peaceful and stable. Having a low reputation however, means that your lands are highly contested and the people will turn against you. The effects will vary depending on how much your reputation decreases.
  • LEVEL 1: At this level, your people do not necessarily like you, but you are unpopular amongst your people. Rebellions are more often to occur, the people may occasionally riot. Your realm is beginning its stages towards widespread dissent, though people generally tolerate you at the moment.

  • LEVEL 2: Your character is starting to become more than just unpopular. Your character has either ignored a significant amount of customs within Westeros or your character is simply an unskilled or vile person. Expect people to openly riot against you, question your authority, and actively attempt to spite you in large groups. They will actively seek help from other lords to usurp your lands and claims. They will cry for justice and denounce you any chance that they can get.

  • LEVEL 3: Your character is contested beyond belief. At best, people outright refuse to work for you. At worst, your own soldiers and men will turn against you. Your character is a monster in their eyes, and you are not fit to rule your lands. Other houses will openly denounce you, calling for justice, if none have already stepped up to take over your lands.

Unsuitable Marriage
Negative Perk
Description: This character has chosen to marry outside of nobility or has chosen to marry a hated house. Reduce reputation by 1.

Unmarried Noble (1000 CP)
Negative Perk, Highborn only: Dorne Excluded
Description: Your character is a highborn that has been single for a significant period of time, well into their early twenties or more, without being married. Other nobles believe you to be infertile or irresponsible to your household. Reduce reputation by 1.
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