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Ability Slot (1000 CP)
Description: Ability Slots allow you to purchase another ability for any character that has used their all of their slots.


Great Strength (2000 CP)
Starting Ability
Description: This character has a powerful frame and body, capable of using heavy weapons and heavy armor without hindrance and overpower others with strength.

Lightning Quick (2000 CP)
Starting Ability
Description: This character was born with excellent reflexes and explosive muscle generation, granting greater quickness and reaction time.

Precise (2000 CP)
Starting Ability
Description: This character possesses a near superhuman gift for hand to eye coordination, allowing them to aim at even the smallest point in the distance, or find gaps in thick plate with ease.

Great Intellect (2000 CP)
Starting Ability
Description: This character possesses a mind that a very rare few have. Whether it is capable of memorizing things with ease, learning languages, identifying patterns in movement, playing chess or otherwise, this individual is capable of using their ingenious mind to resolve situations, and quickly. In addition, any unique trades outside Fire Worship cost half.


Wise Spender (1000 CP)
Starting Ability
Description: Gain a bonus 100 capital per thread completed and turned in.

Accountant (2000 CP)
Requires Wise Spender
Description: Gain a 10% bonus to all capital earned from thread completion.

Economist (3500 CP)
Requires Accountant
Description: Grants a bonus 20% to all capital earned from thread completion.

Martial Skill

Combatant (2000 CP)
Starting Ability
Description: This character is skilled at arms, and can wield weapons with expertise, granting an advantage in a battlefield situation or in a duel. Characters at this stage can take on most knights in a melee.

Master Horseman (500 CP)
Starting Ability
Description: A skilled jouster and capable rider, this character are capable of using the polearm accurately to skewer opponents off a horse. Any mount they ride is faster than the average mount and more durable. A vital skill in a battlefield.

Master of Arms (2500 CP)
Requires Combatant
Description: Mastery over melee arms grants the user great reflexes and tactical thinking in the midst of combat. Anticipation and reading the opponent, as well as near flawless weapon technique are expected at this stage.

Unique Trades

Medicine (1500 CP)
Starting Ability
Description: A character that is trained in the art of healing and surgery. Capable of creating unique salves and solutions to cure and heal injured individuals.

Alchemy (1500 CP)
Starting Ability
Description: An individual skilled in the creation of unique solutions to various effects. This individuals is capable of creating poisons and rare solutions, though each solution requires a cost, and can only be used once.

Engineer (1500 CP)
Starting Ability
Description: An individual skilled in creating unique structures and advanced buildings. Engineers can build castles and architect new constructions. They can also build siege weaponry. Engineers must go through staff for permission for their powers to be put into play.

Subterfuge (1500 CP)
Starting Ability
Description: An expert at covert operations, an individual with subterfuge can perform acts of generally criminal nature with relative ease. They can pick locks, impersonate others, and smuggle goods.

Rare Materials Smith (1500 CP)
Starting Ability
Description: A Rare Materials Smith is capable of modifying items out of exotic and rare materials, provided that they are capable of obtaining that item within the roleplay. For example, if someone were to bring the smith Valyrian Steel, they would be able to modify it to create another item.

Unique Traits

Dragonseed (1000 CP)
Valyrian Blood Only, Starting Ability
Description: Those with an affinity to the dragonlords of Old Valyria have often dreamed of dragons, which haunt them in the night. But Dragonseeds are those who are especially afflicted, often dreaming prophetic dreams of dragons, and possessing a supernatural resistance to fire.

Skinchanger (2000 CP)
Northmen Only, Starting Ability
Description: Skinchangers are a rare occurrence in the North, but as magic has not weaned, they still exist. Skinchanging allows this character to have a specific type of animal which understands the thoughts of the character, and they are able to control that animal by entering its mind. Skinchangers cannot control highly intelligent animals, such as dragons or humans.

Fire Worship (1500 CP)
Fire Priest Only, Starting Ability
Description: A wandering cleric aiming to spread the word of the Lord of Light, Rh'llor. Fire Worshippers have the ability to use fires to perform divinations into the future, though it is often unclear what the message is. They are also able to produce flames upon the appendages of their weaponry. With staff permission, they may also grant a kiss of life, which revives others from death, though the experience removes a part of the resurrected.

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