Army Units
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In order to purchase higher tiers of troops, you must upgrade the existing ones from your current army (if any), otherwise, you must purchase levies and upgrade them as shown here.

Tier 1

Levy (1000 CP)
1000 Units
Description: Farmers armed with rusty pikes and no formal training, weak against everything.

Tier 2

Upgraded from Levy
150 CP per 1000 Units
Description: These are non-professional fighters with some sense of survival. Wearing rusted armor pieces and armed with rusty pikes and swords.

Tier 3

Melee Infantry
Upgraded from Militia
200 CP per 1000 Units
Description: Armored in gherkins and padded armor and cheap iron helmets that offer some protection against militia, but little else. Units that use the spear, sword, and shield. They can form shieldwalls in formation, which allows them to hold against archers, but leaves them weak against cavalry flanks.

Upgraded from Militia
300 CP per 1000 Units
Description: Lightly defended soldiers that use crossbows and shortbows, archers can shoot from range but are not very effective at it. Needs to be in formation and protected to be useful. Can fire from range, effective at shredding unprotected ranks. Vulnerable when closed in with few defenses.

Tier 4

Upgraded from Melee Infantry
1000 CP per 1000 Units
Description: Cavalry Units are the first major step up in warfare. They are still weakly armored in light mail, but hold a spear and shield, with an arming sword for a sidearm. Their charges will scramble a battle formation if not guarded against. They are especially effective against archers.

Armored Pikemen
Upgraded from Melee Infantry
700 CP per 1000 Units
Description: Plate Armored Pikemen specialized against the takedown of horses and cavalry. The Armored Pike Unit stands in formation and impales horse units, being able to resist charges against its shield wall. They are also resistant to arrows, but are incredibly slow. They still cannot hope to defeat a cavalry unit one on one, but they fare better in formation, and are far better than the average infantry unit.

Archer Cavalry
Upgraded from Archer
1300 CP per 1000 Units
Description: Archer Cavalry Units are hit and run units and chasedown units that can disperse formations well. They are weak when engaged but have the sufficient speed to run away, increasing their survivability somewhat.

Upgraded from Archer
800 CP per 1000 Units
Description: Longbowmen are archers that have significantly better range than standard archer units. While immobile, they are extremely lethal during a defensive battle, and hold bows that can penetrate plate armor and shields. Stationing longbowmen in a fort or under protection is an effective way of dealing with heavily armored units.

House Guard
Nobility Only
100 CP per 10 Unit
Description: House Guards are exceptionally skilled combatants and duelists from the Seven Kingdoms. They are the best units possibly purchased, but do not thrive on a battleground setting. They are best used as personal bodyguards.

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The North

Northern Cavalry Captain
Upgraded from Cavalry
2000 CP per 1000 Units
Description: The Northern Cavalry Captain is the Northern variant of a Knight. Cavalry Captains uses battle hardened rounseys covered in plate. They are slower than the average knight unit, but are far more durable and wield both bows and spears. Furthermore, their rounseys are accustomed to the ice and cold weather of the North, and thus move faster than their southern counterparts. Cavalry Captains are every bit as good as their knight counterparts, and excel at fighting in snow and forests.

Northern Ranger
Upgraded from Archer Cavalry
2000 CP per 1000 Units
Description: Northern Rangers are scout units that move quickly in snow and in the forest. Dressed in brigandine and trained using a shortbow. Northern Rangers are capable swordsmen but have a disadvantage against plate armored units. However they make up for it by being able to ambush in snowy areas and in forests. The northern ranger is as fast as a knight in the South but even faster in the North.

The South
(All Kingdoms, except the North, Dorne and The Iron Islands)

Upgraded from Cavalry Unit
2000 CP per 1000 Units
Description: Knights are the archetypal warriors of westeros. Clad in plate armor and riding plated destriers, knights are capable of using any type of melee weapon, and trained from squirehood or through battle deeds, knights are accomplished as both commanders and as soldiers. Knights are fast, covered in strong plate army, and can destroy most shield walls save for the toughest, but they have trouble navigating difficult terrain. Sand, snow, and marshy terrain weigh down their horses and leave them vulnerable.


Dornish Ranger
Upgraded from Archer Cavalry
2300 CP per 1000 Units
Description: Dornish Rangers are the fastest units in Westeros in the South, but cannot fare well in the North or cold weather. They are fast, accurate, and use bows tipped with venom to make every shot a lethal one. They are also capable of using spears and swords in close range combat, and are trained in martial arts specific to that of the Rhoynish.


Ironborn are unable to purchase any other unit except these units.

Thrall (1000 CP)
1000 CP per 2000 Units
Description: Essentially slaves, thralls are the weakest, most pathetic form of existence in the Seven Kingdoms, save few exceptions. They are slaves armed with knifes and rocks, and will turn tail at any sight of danger. They are mainly used as fodder in war, and are more useful doing menial labour than anything else. They do not gain bonuses from being at sea.

Ironborn Militia
Upgraded from Thrall
100 CP per 1000 Units
Description: The Ironborn militia are similar to those of the standard militia, the only difference is that these militia do not form ranks. They primarily help navigate the ships and assist with maintaining authority of the sea captain. They are better than thralls, however, and use polearms and axes in combat.

Ironborn Raider
Upgraded from Thrall
500 CP per 1000 Units
Description: The Ironborn Raider wears light mail and can use both crossbows and melee weaponry. They are hardened killers and excel at boarding ships and raiding coastal shores. At sea they are the best fighters, being able to match stronger units. They do not wear heavy armor, but doing so on a slippery boat is death regardless.

Ironborn Captain
Upgraded from Thrall
2000 CP per 1000 Units
Description: Ironborn Captains are the strongest naval unit in Westeros, being capable moving ships quickly through calm and murky waters. They are better than knights in combat in naval warfare. They are capable of using both ranged and melee combat.


Dragonling (1000 CP)
1000 CP per 1 Dragonseed Only, Restricted to 1
Hatched from Dragon Egg
Description: The dragonling is a small lizard with wings, weak, with barely the ability to breathe fire. It is temperamental and curious at this stage, with a deep affection for its bonded partner, but must be trained and focused in order for it to become a disciplined dragon later.

Young Dragon (2000 CP)
Upgraded from Dragonling, Restricted to 1
Description: This dragon has grown to become the size of a smaller horse, a powerful dragon already in its own right, this dragon can fly around on its own and hunt its own food. The rider can also begin to use the dragon to fly short distances as a mount, and as an airborne drake, it can shoot fire from its mouth, though the flames are not as strong as that of a full-grown dragon. It is also still vulnerable at this point to weapons, so care must be made as it has not developed its scales.

Adult Dragon (3500 CP)
Upgraded from Young Dragon, Restricted to 1
Description: An adult dragon is a fearsome, powerful beast. A veritable flying ship, it is capable of holding multiple adults on its back whilst still being able to fly faster than any birds in the sky. The adult dragon breathes dragonfire, a force of magic so powerful it melts castles down to the ground, it is nigh-invulnerable to ordinary arrows and steel, resistant to fire and all manner of weather, whether ice or arid stone desert, so long as it is fed. A full grown dragon is only vulnerable to siege weapons and heavier equipment.

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Please note that these are not an exhaustive list of all medieval equipment available. Simple items, such as pitch, tar, burning oil or defensive fortifications and such can be RPed out.

Siege Engines

Siege Engines cannot be bought by Iron Islands or Dorne. As they are impossible to manufacture in the Iron Islands and impossible to use in Dorne.

Battering Ram
200g per 10 Unit
Description: The battering ram is a moveable tree trunk tied to a frame, operated by up to twenty men. It's main design is to use the trunk to shatter down wooden doors and stone walls, though it takes a significant amount of time to do so. As it is made of primarily wooden pieces, the top cover of the battering ram uses a canopy of wet fresh hides to prevent any sort of fire attack against it.

500g per 10 Unit
Description: Trebuchets are siege weapons which use a swinging arm to throw a projectile at the enemy. A trebuchet projectile can be almost anything, even debris, corpses, or incendiaries, but is typically a large stone. Dense stone, or even metal, specially worked to be round and smooth, gives the best range and predictability. They are vastly inaccurate, but when thrown in large quantities, effective through volume. As trebuchets are constructed on site trebuchets require a setup period of three posts.

Siege Tower / Belfry
1000g per 10 Unit
Description: A siege tower or breaching tower is a specialized siege engine, constructed to protect assailants and ladders while approaching the defensive walls of a fortification. The tower was often rectangular with four wheels with its height roughly equal to that of the wall or sometimes higher to allow archers to stand on top of the tower and shoot arrows into the fortification. Because the towers were wooden and thus flammable, their front-facing side had to have some non-flammable covering of iron or fresh animal skins. Siege Towers are constructed on site, and require a setup period of five posts.

600g per 10 Unit
Defending Castle or Hall Only
Description: The Scorpion is an artillery weapon that shoots enlarged crossbow bolts. In essence, it is similar to the ballista, but smaller, more compact, and not as capable of destroying walls. It has enough penetrating power to tear into dragon scales. It is not movable and thus is generally placed on stationary defenses such as castles or ships.


Longships and Cogs are the only ships the Ironborn can purchase.

Ironborn Longship (small)
300g per 10 Unit
Ironborn Only
Description: The small longship is a raiding transport ship built for speed and its ability to navigate the sea in all of its conditions. With a crew of 25 men, two rows of oars provide its main means of propulsion. It is steered by one side rudder, while one lateen sail serve as its secondary means of propulsion. The small longship does not come armed with any weapons, and as such is not meant for ship-to-ship naval warfare.

Ironborn Longship (large)
1200g per 10 Unit
Ironborn Only
Description: The large longship is a warship built for speed and its ability to navigate the sea in all of its conditions. With a crew of 116 men, two rows of oars provide its main means of propulsion. It is steered by one side rudder, while one lateen sail serve as its secondary means of propulsion. With a stronger and more flexible hull than the small longship, the large longship is tougher overall and less susceptible to ram attacks. The large longship is armed with a battering ram at its prow and one scorpion.

1000g per 10 Unit
Description: The cog is a single-masted round ship, clinker-built with steep sides and a flat bottom. Slow because of their hull shape, round ships had to await favorable winds before sailing from each port of call. However, the increase in carrying capacity made a slower passage economically feasible. It had a rounded bow and stern, and the rudder was located in the center of the stern. Built as a sturdy seagoing trader, the cog could hold a crew of up to 48 men, and cross even the most dangerous passages. Should it be militarized, fore and stern castles could be added, with the added benefit that their high sides made them more difficult to board in naval combat.

1500g per 10 Unit
Description: The chelandion is a medium-sized dromōn type galley with two rows of oars, which provide its main means of propulsion. It is steered by two quarter rudders at the stern, while one lateen sail serve as its secondary means of propulsion. It is armed with one scorpion, fore and stern castles, with the option of adding a boarding-bridge onto its prow at the cost of some of the ship's speed and stability. With a crew of 108 men, the chelandion is a formidable warship. Not suitable for the rough seas.

3000g per 10 Unit
Description: The dromōn is a heavy galley with two rows of oars, which provide its main means of propulsion. As the standard warship in Westeros, it is steered by two quarter rudders at the stern, while two lateen sails serve as its secondary means of propulsion. With a stronger and more flexible hull than the chelandion, the dromōn is tougher overall and less susceptible to ram attacks. Its prow is armed with a battering ram and a boarding-bridge, and castles protect the fore and stern. Due to the ship's large displacement and crew size, its stability and speed are not affected by the boarding-bridge. Armed with a battering ram on its prow, two scorpions, and a crew of 200 men, the dromōn is a versatile and powerful warship. Not suitable for the rough seas.

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