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Realm of the Seven is a Song of Ice and Fire / Game of Thrones site based 200+ years before the events of the first book, A Game of Thrones, by George RR Martin. It is an Alternate Universe RP based on the rule of King Jaehaerys I The Wise in 50 AC (For more info, check here.) Certain characters and people are based on canonical lore and canonical events. However, most of the characters that are on the site can be Alternate Universe.

It is now Summer, 50 AC. The Faith and the Crown are in tension, after the horrible rule of Maegor I Targaryen, there are many who doubt the rulership of the Targaryens. The Sept of the Seven and the Faith Militant, spurred by the absolute cruelty of the now dead King Maegor I, seeks to depose the rule of Jaehaerys I, despite supporting his viability for the throne.

King Jaehaerys, only 16 years of age, is given a heavy task of attempting to unify the realm and mend the rift between the Faith and the Crown. After the terrible rule of Maegor I, the kingdom's stability is under pressure from issues of starvation on the fringes, rampant crime, and a militant faction of the Faith seeking to depose the Crown.

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  • 41 AC: Aegon the Conqueror dies of a stroke, his son, Aenys, succeeds the throne.
  • 42 AC: King Aenys weds his eldest son to his daughter, angering the Faith of the Seven. He dies of suspicious circumstances.
  • 43 AC: Maegor is crowned King, he is a cruel man, and fans the flames of war, bringing about the Faith Militant Uprising (link).
  • 45 AC: King Maegor I, for declares war against the Faith Militant, slaughtering thousands and turning his own people against him. He is dubbed Maegor the Cruel.
  • 47 AC: Aegon rebels against Maegor I Blackfyre, garnering support and unifying all rebelling factions, Aegon is slain, but Jaehaerys I is proclaimed and backed by the Seven Kingdoms and the Faith, continuing the battle.
  • 48 AC: As the battle wages, Maegor I commits suicide on the Iron Throne. He is found with slit wrists. Jaehaerys I, later known as Jaehaerys the Wise, is crowned King of Westeros.
  • 50 AC: Jaehaerys, I, while still a young king, is shown to be a fair-minded individual, however, his rule is still tumultuous as the moment. As he continues to grow and learn the Faith of the Seven are tested throughout the lands.
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