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How to earn CP

Capital is the primary purchasing power of your character. You will use to to upgrade your characters, or buy new units (if applicable). There are multiple ways in which you can earn CP. Here are the main ways you can earn CP, outside of events.

IC / OOC Methods:

  • Participating: Any post on the board, regardless of whether it is OOC or IC, will grant you 5 CP. As a result, you're encouraged to participate in IC games, posting in OOC threads, or contributing to questions. Just don't double post, and don't necro post, and don't delete your posts, we can see that on the admin panel, we'll have to reconsider this if it is abused.

  • Posting: Characters earn 10 CP for every post in a thread from either RPer. Upon submitting the completion of a thread, characters earn 500 CP so long as the staff member recognizes that proper effort is put into your writing.

  • Plotting: Responding to character plotters earns your character 10 CP. You may submit your plotting replies into a CP submission thread with all your responses linked.

  • Creating a Wanted Ad character: Any character that was made from a wanted ad gains 1500 free CP on creation.

  • Activity Checks / Salary: Activity Checks are one of the major sources of CP on the site. Every month there will be an activity check which will grant 1000 CP to any and all of your active characters, so long as they have posted at least once per week with those characters. This is a rather strict rule.

CHAPTERS: Main Link (click)

Chapters are in essence, plots that you have made with any other character that has been discussed and acted on. These are deep, character intensive, plot driven threads. If your thread stems from a plot reply or from plots made with other people, it can qualify as a chapter. Chapters grant bonus CP upon completion of the thread, but they are viewed with significantly higher stringency. Here's a list of different types of chapters and how to obtain them.

  • Single thread: Single thread chapters are internalized threads between at least two characters, with no massive change to the site at large. These chapters often deal with internal conflicts and exploration of character development. These are the least stringent, and grant up to 200 bonus CP upon completion.

  • Multi-thread: Multi-thread chapters are similar to single thread chapters, but they progress beyond the space of a single thread. Multi-thread chapters are also mostly internalized with no major changes to the site at large. Upon completion, multi-thread chapters gain up to 300 CP per completed thread.

  • Sitewide: Sitewide chapters are chapters in which can determine the plotline of the site and have long reaching effects. Sitewide chapters must first be discussed to Staff and the Great House Lords before taking effect. These sitewide chapters often explore a large conflict or political subterfuge long lasting impact. Due to the large effects, sitewide chapters will grant up to 1500 CP for every participant.
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