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 Posted: Jul 5 2017, 11:48 PM

Welcome to ROTS!

Realm of the Seven is an ASOIAF / Game of Thrones RP site aimed at attempting to simulate a true feudal system in the setting of Ice and Fire. The setting takes elements of canonical events within the original setting but is otherwise AU. The adaptations made to this site make it somewhat different from most RP sites in that it has its own system in politics. As a site of Song of Ice and Fire, the RP has a mature rating.

General Rules

BE NICE: Be considerate of other people. Do not godmod or metagame. Yadda yadda... in general, don't behave obnoxiously, cause drama, and don't be a dick. When there is an issue, inform staff, or work it out privately. It is understandable that there will be disagreements on the site, when this occurs, don't take it personally, and please don't hesitate to contact a staff member before it becomes a toxic environment.

MATURE THEMES: There is a 3/3/3 Rating on this site under the rules and guidelines of RPGrating. Please ensure that you are 18 and above. Whenever you are within a mature thread, please tag your threads with an "M" to let us know that there is explicit content within it.

INTROSPECT ON YOUR BEHAVIOURS: Our general policy is two warnings prior to a temporary ban. If you've received a temporary ban and continue these behaviours, you will receive a permanent one.

Character Rules

USE ANIMANGA FCS: All characters are required to have an animanga face-claim. This will be lenient, as long as it is any image portraying your character is either artwork or conceptual, you may use it as a base for your faceclaim. You may not however, use real life images, or any artwork / concept of an actual person.

CHARACTER LIMIT: At the start you are limited to five characters. You may only have up to 2 house lords, and only one great house lord or council position.

LIMIT MARY SUE SYNDROME: Limit your character's mary-sue/gary-stu. As much as I enjoy reading profiles of unique and interesting characters. we are prepared for the eventuality all IC characters to be the top 10% of Westeros, but still, be a little bit reserved when making your character.


POST IN ROSTERS: Please ensure that your characters are all accounted for in the rosters. You are responsible for the maintenance of your character's documentation! If your faceclaim or your rosters are not updated, you may lose your position or your character!

BE RESPECTFUL TO STAFF: We are here to help you, but please understand that we are putting time and effort into reading and going through your profile and your character. If you feel that the staff are disrespectful, please contact them and discuss to resolve the issue, if not, contact another member of staff.

KEEP IT LORE FRIENDLY: This is something that should be noted. A character who is too far gone from the norm of the Westeros cannot be accepted.


POST ONCE A WEEK: An activity check will be held every once in a while to ensure that you are still active! While we don't have a strict guideline for your activity, we do expect that you are present. We will judge activity on a case-by-case basis.

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