Realm of the Seven is an Alternate Universe RP site based on George RR Martin's Song of Ice and Fire. Set 250 years before the events of A Game of Thrones, this site takes place in the aftermath of the assassination of Jaehaerys I Targaryen, and the break of Targaryen rule over the Seven Kingdoms.Take the role of a lord, a citizen, or a mere drifter in a land that struggles to rebuild itself with the uncertainty of allegiances and political strife around the corner. This site is for members above the age of 18.

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 01. RULES
 Posted on: Jul 5 2017, 11:48 PM
Toppa IS Offline

01 // Realm of the Seven is a Jcink premium site that is has a mature rating in regards to the potentiality of explicit content. Members are required to be 18+ when joining, but be mindful of the array of substance that will occur on the site. We ask you to be civil and considerate towards other members, and expect you to remain open towards the ideas expressed in threads and plots even if they are not your particular interests.

02 // This will be plainly stated: assholes are not tolerated on ROTS. Respect is to be given and received towards guests, members, and staff by those on the site. Negativity and toxicity is to be kept off the site and the Discord server. Anyone who cannot display the basic fundamentals of human decency will be banned immediately.

03 // If an issue ever arises for any reason, PM or DM a staff member concerning the matter. The staff team is here to assistance and we will aim to mediate and resolve any issue. Every member is valued and the goal of ROTS is to create an accepting and healthy community for members to express their creativity through roleplaying.

04 // Original content is a necessity here, meaning plagiarism will not be condoned. The stealing of images, characters, etc. are all considered plagiarism on ROTS.


01 // When registering, please fill in the username as the character's firstname lastname in all caps, e.g. AEGON TARGARYEN. For OOC accounts, the username should be ALIAS in all caps, e.g. TOPPA.

02 // A member is allowed ten characters on the site. The first five characters can be created without the need to meet any requirements. But we ask that a priorly made character is established and the appropriate claims have been filled. To make a sixth character, all preexisting characters must have 20 IC posts on their account. A seventh character will require 25 IC posts on all priorly made characters, with increments of 5 IC posts added to preexisting accounts when creating a new character.

03 // Animanga is the only type of face-claim accepted on ROTS. Original artwork will not be accepted unless you have commissioned it, and it follows the rest of the faceclaim rules. Face-claims cannot appear CGI in nature. Face-claims from games or other mediums of any type are allowed, as long as artwork resembles animanga. Leeway is given to artwork that is based on animanga fcs to a certain extent.

05 // When filling out the mini profile, hovers are 250x400 and icons are 100x100. All information entered in the mini profile should be filled out in all caps and numerics. Do not spell out any numbers.

04 // Be sure to check all of the claims before settling on a character concept. Post reserves in the appropriate claims to ensure that a position is not filled while in the process of making a character.


01 // ROTS does not have a formal word count but members should always post enough content to allow their partners to respond to in a thread.

02 // Members should post at least once a week or else they are considered inactive after two weeks of no posts. A member who leaves an absence thread is exempt from the posting requirement unless they fail to post after their expected return date.

03 // Keep the GoTverse in mind when writings posts. ROTS is an AU ASOIAF roleplay site but the lore and world still apply to the site. Any questions regarding the GoTverse should be directed to a staff member for proper clarification.

04 // Place the proper tags in a thread title if it contains fitting content. The tags are TW and M. TW should be used when the concept of a thread is graphic or contains triggering material, which includes abuse, violence, incest, rape, murder, and other subjects. M is utilized when a thread has any sexual content in it. Feel free to notify staff if a thread contains triggering material and has not been appropriately labelled or else the thread will be archived.

05 // We highly encourage members to use a posting template for IC topics. If a member is having troubles finding a template or enjoys minimalism, the [template] tags can be used.

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