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Character Sheets, Upgrades, and Earning CP

In ROTS, when your character is approved, they are given character sheets. Character sheets contain Abilities and Perks. Both positive and negative. Starting off your character is likely to have many things that you may want to remove from the sheet, or improve upon, and that is where CP comes in. CP is short for Capital.

CP is the primary monetary source of your character. It is used to upgrade your character and to improve your character. There are multiple ways you can earn CP. Here are the main ways you can earn CP outside of events:

  • Posting: Characters earn 10 CP for every post in a thread from any participating roleplayer. Upon submitting the completion of a thread, characters earn 500 CP, so long as the staff recognizes that proper effort is put into your writing.

  • High Reputation: When you reach Reputation 5, your character earns a CP bonus of 500 per month. When you reach Reputation 10, your character earns a CP bonus of 1500 per month. Which is given upon request.

  • You may also earn bonus CP by creating Chapters. Which is listed below. For more information, check this thread.

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Capital (CP) is the monetary source used on ROTS. Any transactions or purchases completed are done with CP, which can be gained and earned in a variety of methods. Once CP has been obtained, there are a number ways it can be spent to further benefit a character. The most integral ways CP can assist a character is through the modifications it can have on perks and purchasing items.

CP enchances perks. Perks are attributes specific to a character, which are assigned to each character by staff upon approval. There is no set amount of perks staff designates; each character is a unique case and they will be handled as such. Additional ability slots can be bought with CP to allow members to purchase an innumerable amount of perks for their character. CP can also be used in relation to perks to upgrade certain ones to a higher level, which grants the character more control and expertise over the abilities a perk grants them.

CP effects the reputation system. Negative perks have ramifications on a character's reputation and can plunge a character further into the negative sphere of the reputation system. Negative perks are categorized, meaning perks of a certain nature cannot be removed from a character's holdings. For all other perks, a cost on the perks list (INCLUDE LINK HERE ONCE ITS POSTED) denotes how much CP is required to rescind the effects of a negative perk. Once a purchase has been processed that removes a perk that carries negative reputation, a character's reputation level will be adjusted accordingly.

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