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Maceo Lannister
 Posted: Dec 9 2017, 08:08 PM

Late 41AC

"He hasn't come out for days..." Two maids of honor stood in the corridor leading to their lord's chambers. "...Nasty business. Losing Lady Marinah like that.. I heard they were close." The senior one sighed, thinking back over the years she's served within Casterly Rock as she replied, "They were. They were close. Oh..." She covered her mouth with one hand as tears rushed down her face. "My dear lady... Poor children. Poor children..."


It was his fault. This could've all been avoided if only he had listened to her... Her last words echoed ceaselessly within his mind- "He was my little brother. Dead, Maceo. DEAD! Because you will not punish your friends. Does family mean so little to you?"

Did family mean that little to him?

Maceo clutched the back of his head with both hands, strands of hair falling loose as his grip tightened. Honor and glory.. Curse them to the seven hells... All these years he had been a boy living a fantasy. A wonderful tale where his friends could do no evil, where everything could be solved by talking it out one-on-one. He had been a fool, a fool that took the death of his one true love to wake him up.

It was a strange feeling. The pain stung more than any physical wounds he had received, and yet Maceo knew he deserved it. By putting his friend first, he had failed his family, and his wife gave her own life for his mistake. Her sweet fragrance, her soft embrace, her witty jokes and sharp remarks.. He will never experience them again.

That day, together with Marinah, something died inside Maceo.

viviana lannister
 Posted: Dec 10 2017, 02:19 PM

There are things in my life I can't control I feel the chaos around me A thing I don't try to deny I'd better learn to accept that There's a part of my life that will go away
"But they're too long and too big, Mother." Viviana examined the bracelet and the necklace with a lion's medallion from every angle. "It's fine. They're for the young and beautiful Lady you'll become, Love. And I'll still be with you, if something happens to me. " Marinah kissed her hair. "When you'll have a daughter, you'll give one of them in your turn."
Being a mother sounded like a very foreign concept to the ten-year-old Viviana. She was still a child and wanted to have the liveliest days ever instead of dreaming of her 'Lord' charming. But she knew one or two things about marriage. Such as the bride's father taking from the maiden's cloak from his daughter's shoulders, and the husband placing a cloak with his house colors on hers to show his wife was now under his protection.
"Nothing will happen to you because Father will always protect you!" And their parents loved each other so much. They were the perfect couple.

How did it happen?
Viviana was sadness. She was fury. She couldn't stand anymore the pity in the servants' eyes. A storm simmered in her heart as chagrin and bewilderment vyed with for it. Marinah's death sounded like a bad joke at first. Viviana refused it. It was a lie. Everything was a lie. She would go to bed, close her eyes, and her mother would sit at her favorite place reading a book. As days passed, reality didn't leave her choice but to accept it. Hiding to cry and putting a front of everybody else had become a routine. But while she was entangled in this whirlpool of emotions, another fear emerged.

Maceo hadn't left the Lord's chamber since Marinah's death.

There were numerous stories about beautiful, yet, tragic lovers. She couldn't get rid of a frightening feeling. What if their Father decided to join their Mother? What if Tybalt and she ended up orphans?

Looking for her older brother, she asked several maids if they had seen him then towards where he was supposed to be. Feeling relieved when her eyes fixed upon his figure, Viviana put her hands on her hips. "Tybalt! Come with me, we're going to see Father." Her tone sounded commanding. More than she was aware of it. "Maybe we could bring him something he could like?" Her voice slowly mellowed as she gathered her thoughts.

 Posted: Dec 20 2017, 12:39 AM

Oh. Tybalt thought, when he heard the news that his mother died. It was a strange feeling to become utterly aware of how negligible the news first hits you. Over time, Tybalt looked inwards, and tried to find a reason as to why he did not feel anything for his mother, and ultimately, he concluded it was because he had no true memories of her. That she had negligible impact on his life, despite the fact that she had been as loving, as imaginarily possible, shouldn't be something that he experienced, but he simply did not feel much from the loss was what worried him.

What kind of monster am I that someone who is supposed to be my dearest family is lost, and yet I feel nothing for it? He thought to himself. Perhaps in this regard he was more like his father than he thought. But as he lay with Cassa in his bed, he felt nothing but confusion towards his own feelings on the matter.
Regardless, he would have to save these feelings for later. Breakfast awaited him. "Prepare my bath." He spoke, towards the woman in his bed, before getting dressed.

Tybalt cleaned himself, dressed himself, checked his desk, then walked out the door. No sooner had he walked six steps past the doorway that he heard the screech of his sister demanding attention. He grunted, in response, protesting. "What do you mean?" He snorted derisively, "What could we possibly get that father cannot get on his own, and what could possibly be something that could replace mother?" A new wife. Tybalt inwardly joked.

But still, it would be good to have some reminder that while their mother had gone, his father still had two children with him. "Let's pay him a visit, regardless." Tybalt spoke. He'd grant Viviana that much that she meant well. "Alright, let's go. We can give him the gift of our unwanted presence."

Tybalt took Viviana to the door of his Lord Father's chambers, and he rapped on the door twice. "Father, we're coming in." He spoke, matter-of-factly. He pulled the knob open and was immediately assaulted with the wonderful smell of unwashed chamberpots and dust. After all, no one had come and gone for two days.

"Come, change the chamberpot quickly." Tybalt spoke, towards a servant, who hurriedly entered the room, took Maceo's waste pot, and left. After closing the door behind Viviana, Tybalt moved towards the sofa and sat down. "We were worried you had decided to kill yourself." Tybalt replied. "This is very much unlike you, father."

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