The Fortunate Ones, (Fortune's Wanteds!)
 Posted: Feb 1 2018, 12:49 PM

The Devoted of House Frey

Protect the House, protect the Frey


The sworn protector of The Twins, and de facto leader of the House Frey militia. Unable to attend to everything himself, Darrius requires a resilient, driven captain whom can handle the security matters independently from their Lord. This man needs to be unequivocally devoted to the house, and put all of his effort into ensuring the safety of the public. This individual will also help choose who protects Darrius personally, and help qualify candidates for his unique castle guard. The Militia Captain gets unrestricted access to most areas of the castle, while some of Darrius' more private chambers require his permission alone. Darrius needs a passionate example of what it means to serve justice, and someone who will protect him to no end.

As for the player that I want to take this role, all I ask is that you be literate, active, and possess a keen understanding of tactics. If your character performs uncharacteristically for someone trained in the art of battle, or does something entirely unprofessional: then I may ask that you step down from the position. Not trying to be mean or disrespectful, but this is an important position and I want to see that it's played properly. If you think you're up for the task, then by all means post here or ask me about it. We can hash things out, and I'll give you the majority when it comes to the character's flexibility. You may choose the FC, personality, possessions, etc! Make this character your own, same goes for all of the wanteds here. Don't feel like this is an obligation to me, but something you want to do for you! On a small side-note, regular guards are also available for play! If you don't want the responsibility of the Captain, feel free to play as one of them instead.
Whatever you wish, just say the word


The Twins need constant supervision and reparation, and to that end: the castles require a staff composed of a wide variety of talents. Cooks, cleaners, scribes, squires, maesters, and every other assortment that might be found behind a thriving lordship should be present. Of course, they are...but I'd love to see some players get interested in being apart of House Frey. There isn't any specific position tied to this ad, but I encourage you to pick any that might suit your fancy. If you've a unique idea for this, just approach me. I never turn down a good conversation, so expect my attention when you propose something. The idea can be as far-fetched as you like, as long as it's reasonable in the end! Basically, I just want people that will be around the castles: to give them the life that I feel they deserve. The role of importance in the House can be up to our combined judgement, but I have no problem pushing some power your way if it makes you more interested! As with the Militia Captain, you have complete flexibility over your character.
Good for Us, Good for Them

ALLIES (through plot!)

Now, you don't need to necessarily create a character just for this...given most of the existing ones will already have some sort of relationship with Darrius. This is merely a call for good plot, something to stir up the political frame of mind. A good bout of politics is always fun, and can make for intriguing interplay if done correctly. This is probably the one wanted ad where I won't ask you to make a specific character for the task. It'd be odd going off the basic idea for a character by focusing on their status to another. The character needs to be their own focus! That said, I'm always glad to see Darrius gain allies or rivals: as long as they're reasonable.
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