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 HIGHBORN | asha stark
 Posted on: Feb 9 2018, 05:11 AM
AGE 18
the north | stark | highborn | princess | 18 | female
From the cruel sun, you were shelter. You were my shelter and my shade. If you go there with me, wild honey. You can do just what you please, wild honey. Yeah, just blowing in the breeze Wild honey; wild, wild, wild. I'm still standing, where you left me. Are you still growing wild with everything tame around you? I send you flowers, cut flowers for your hall. I know your garden's full but is there sweetness at all?
Everyone in the North is aware of the Stark child who is more readily addressed as the Wild Wolf. She is the youngest daughter of Greatjon but the talk surrounding her has inflated her reputation enough to make her a rival of the whispers surrounding her lord father. Her father is a man who strikes intimidation into anyone with a shred of sense but Asha Stark's disposition depicts her in the same sense of astonishment as Jon Stark. Gossip floats around the entirety of North that she is more wolf than lady, a fearsome rumor Asha has only aided in propagating once it had reached her own ears. It has been concluded by many a more refined and cultured ladies that the peculiar Stark's downfall would be caused by the wolf-blood coursing through her veins. Deaf ears meet these claims; Asha is contented to overlook such blathering as long as she is given the freedom to reign over the land of the wolves.

She takes a great amount of delight from the presumptions that are made when her appearance is scrutinized. While she possesses a touch of height from her father and the asperous edge of anyone who hails from the North, Asha can be deceptively perceived as a princess of a southron upbringing. Her physique holds no mystery but her beauty cancels out rationality, until any man who fancies himself impressive enough to woo her is met with a stinging blow to his face. The Wild Wolf is open about her distaste of the Westerosi depiction of a lady, scowling and full of contempt when outsiders make an effort to impose upon her lifestyle with their own beliefs. She is a princess by title but her essence belongs to the wilds.

The undesirable aspects of Asha's demeanor run rampant, causing dismay and chagrin to those who have been tasked with overseeing the young woman. Her moniker denotes a great deal about her attitude: she is absolutely wild and untamable. No maester or septa has succeeded in instilling the necessary manners and etiquette of a lady and it seems as if her own agenda is her only concern. An arranged marriage is a hopeless thought, everyone in House Stark has accepted the fate that she will only marry someone who truly loves her every fault. One of her largest faults is also her tendency to give into every sway of her emotions; Asha is prone to succumbing her emotions and only considers a logical approach after events have transpired. Her dominate mood is enmity; anger engrosses her effortlessly.

The Wild Wolf is overloaded with attributes that have given her father more than his fair share of silver hair but it cannot be denied that she is the embodiment of the spirit of the North. Asha Stark can be classified as someone who us unyieldingly willful. Her resolution and drive allow her the capacity to dedicate herself wholly to whatever she chooses. As long as the slightest bit of fixity exists within her, then Asha will continue carry on. She is not someone who is languorous; her every action is conducted swiftly and they are often brazen and dauntless in nature. This is especially valid when she feels as if someone is behaving sinisterly or a misdeed is occurring. The wolf's epitome of a northener concludes with her being unshakably indomitable. There is not a thing or individual who could instill trepidation or terror within the Wild Wolf.

There was hushed talk of how a fair haired woman with a complexion of alabaster would carry on her existence in the unforgivable chill of the North. Even when summer reigned for an extended period of time, it was said that the cold never fully left the bones of those living north of the Neck. She had married Greatjon, a lord who would restore the North to its former prosperousness, and would bear six children; three hauntingly resembled Jon while the others appeared as southron as their lady mother. Lady Stark thrived in the North alongside her children, with the youngest being a wolf who would call forward every sense of protection and awe from her parents. She uncannily resembles her late lady mother, appearing all too similar to her when caught in the correct light or angle. Asha Stark would be dubbed the Wild Wolf, a princess whose spirit represents her late mother in attempts to honor her.

Her upbringing would not go as smoothly as her siblings, despite the castle's staff being well seasoned from the prior Starks they had contributed to properly raising. Maesters and septas alike were instructed to relent when dealing with the youngest Stark's fervor. The futility in using force to coerce the young girl into obtaining knowledge was clearly perceived, meaning other attempts to wrangle her mind would be necessary. The most success would stem from overlooking her unruly demeanor to appease her tendency to be prone to fits of violence. A master of arms was tasked to oversee Asha in the journey of learning combat and defense. It was a fitting request given the turmoil of the North and the threats constantly faced by House Stark. Lessons of necessary knowledge were administered by her lady mother herself, who seemed to be the only soul who could remotely tame the Wild Wolf.

The entire complacency of her life was compromised with the demise of the larger part of House Stark. Her mother and elder brothers were unrightfully placed in the crypt of Winterfell and Asha was expected to carry on without their presence in her life any longer. Understandably so, the babe of the family was distraught and desolate and isolated herself from the rest of the world. There was nothing that could soothe the girl’s soul; the damage was irreparable even though Asha’s focus should have been directed towards keeping the deceased’s memories intact. But she was young, malleable, and far too privy to hurt caused by the crippling events. The Wild Wolf was more unkempt and philistine from an extensive period of time as she continued to recover. Her relationships with everyone but her father were fractured; her lord father assisted his youngest in reestablishing her sense of self.

Her composure was broken once more when it was announced her father would be remarrying Esfyr Lannister seemingly out of nowhere. It was not for love, Asha knew that much. Before she arrived at Winterfell, the tantrum thrown by Asha Stark early brought down the entire foundation of the castle. The Wild Wolf has refused to give her stepmother any acknowledgement as the Lady of Winterfell. She has never spoken her actual name and still questions the motives behind the evidently political move. Asha Stark is a princess of Winterfell and her heart will always lie in the North.

    BARRON | Admittedly, Barron is Asha's greatest weakness. She views the direwolf as an actual member of the family and often times will regard him as Barron Stark in conversation. Two years of age, he is still a juvenile but his appearance and size are absolutely intimidating. Barron's disposition complements Asha's entirely; he is unhurried, calculated, and eerily composed. He only becomes ballistic and wild when his master's safety is threatened. Receptive to the youngest Stark's training, Asha has been able to teach Barron to partake in coordinated attacks with her when engaged in combat.

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nhi @ ooc
 Posted on: Feb 11 2018, 09:43 PM
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