DOCK ANTICS, Ft. Kaersyn Snow
 Posted: Feb 9 2018, 01:19 AM

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annisport, when engulfed in the sultry rays of a waning sun, reflected beautifully across the waters of the bay: as if possessed by nature to be compelling for the sake of nothing more than to brighten a sailor's mood. The intended audience, unfortunately, ignored the familiar sights in favor of their work: already set to tossing their goods from the deck to fall raucously upon the docks. Eventually, the captain took notice of such an unprofessional display: none to happy to find that his crew had defied basic principles in favor of laziness. The perpetrators were berated harshly, several rough slaps delivered to the back of their heads as Brayan observed from safe distance: happy to be privy to such an interesting display.

People-watching had become an amusement for him, especially when his own work offered little entertainment. Brayan had not to do but sit there and wait for the deal to conclude, serving as a protector for yet another pompous trader whom thought his life would be in danger at every meeting that he ever attended. The bronzed Dornishman sighed, ignoring the trivialities of their haggling. Who cared about one extra coin? Apparently these cheap negotiators did...because they'd spent yet another ten minutes talking it over! At one point when the arguing had gotten really base and unnecessary: Brayan contemplated simply telling the man to keep his coin. Maybe he could pay the other trader with it!

The male wanted to chuckle, hoping it would alleviate some of the pressure from such a painful engagement. Though, there was one point of interest that Brayan had failed to truly take note of: Kaersyn Snow. A man of significant build, with a fair deal of experience behind his stare. Apparently, Kaersyn had been hired by the other merchant: likely to protect his own life as well. It seemed most traders thought alike, after all. Needless to say, the paler sellsword made Brayan surprisingly antsy. Simply looking in his direction made the tanned male want to leave that much more. Not because he felt any fear towards this hired hand...but because he looked to be a formidable foe regardless. He didn't relish thinking over the injuries that might be received, so he soon prayed for a peaceful resolution.

Despite his best wishes, the conversation escalated with an unusual steepness. Voices began to rise, tensions tightened, and everyone present -nearby the crates these men were now sitting- turned to stare. Brayan let a palm rest upon the hilt of his blade, fingers twining around the leather quietly. His eyes immediately flicked to Kaersyn...hoping he'd either have an answer of his own...or add some sense to the debacle. Either way it was clear...these two traders were about to come to blows.
// KAERSYN SNOW // Lets get serious!
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Kaersyn hated Lannisport with a passion and the fact he had to protect some petty merchant, squabbling with another petty trader, over something as petty as whatever in the hell it was they fought over, annoyed the sellsword to a rather hefty degree. However, this couldn't be seen on the persistent smile he wore as he fiddled with a coin in-between his fingers. Flipping it to and fro, watching as both men slew curses at the other. Normally, he'd have stepped in to offer words of wisdom to quell the wrath, but these Lannister loyal bastards would gain no help from Kaersyn. His work only extended to the defense of his employer and so far, they hadn't come to blows just yet. However, he found his opportunity to intervene once hands had been placed on the garments of his charge.

"Hang on there," Kaersyn said with a chuckle, the bastard easily moving over to push the rival merchant off the other. "You want to try and beat a deal out of him? Gotta step up to me first," He'd say with a confident laughter echoing after his statement. Visibly, the only weapon he had available on his person's was a simple longsword, but beneath his garb a very small knife he could use at a moment's notice should push come to stab. His eyes briefly darted over to the Dornish individual who seemed to be on edge before returning back to the assaulter. "So what's it going to be? Are you going to back off or send your man at me?"

That simple smile turned into a toothy grin and he loomed over the other merchant, daring him to try and strike him. The way how Kaersyn imposed his figure over the male seemed to frighten him to a degree, but that was when his slew of swears made their intention to the Snow. There was a tirade of words where the man tried explaining why he was better than both the bastard and the man he was trading with. Kaersyn picked at his ear the entire time, not at all caring about what the other was saying. His carefree approach to the conversation only caused the aggressive trader to grow angrier with the disrespect he was dealt, a movement to his waistband to retrieve some sort of weapon and the next, Kaersyn's fist connected with the jaw of the merchant.

Watching him double over caused a chuckle to emanate from the bastard, and even his employer. The pale skinned Northerner rolling out his shoulders and easily looking back over to that Dornish sellsword. He was aware and prepared for the both of them.


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