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Dec 7 2017, 10:26 AM
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Ulrick had travelled quick, despite Starfall's length from Sunspear, he knew the terrain of Dorne well, it's deserts, it's oases, Dancer's speed moved through swiftly. The ride was not hard, but it took time. Five days of endless sand on a bare, pockmarked road between villages along the coast meant that stops were necessary for refill of supplies, but a lack of men meant it was easier to cover ground. <p>

Ulrick rode almost the moment he had received the letter. And when he had gotten to Sunspear, some of his suspicions had been confirmed. By the time he had arrived in the Royal Palace, and stared in front of Luis's locked chambers, he already knew what the following meeting was about. He had known Luis's handwriting, it was not too far off, but he felt it was odd, not to mention the drop of wine on the parchment of the note sent to him. <p>

He had hoped it was because Luis had been enjoying a glass of wine, and it had altered his writing somewhat, but it was not the case. From the way the Prince had been described, he would hardly be able to eat and drink on his own, let alone write. <p>

Ulrick walked across the halls of the Sunship towards Princess Astris's chambers. It had been one day after his travels had gotten him here, a night of rest and enough time to clean himself up. His men had undoubtedly veered off to spend their day off, but for Ulrick, he was going to have to find some answers for what exactly was happening at the moment. <p>

He approached the captain of the Guard, who had been posted a comfortable distance from her chambers, though close enough to react to any threats nearby. Since Ulrick was a common visitor to the Sunspear, he was immediately recognized. "Please tell the princess I wish to talk to her sometime." He spoke to her guard, who curtly nodded and went to relay the message to her. <p>

If Astris was free now, he would enter. If she was not, he would go to her at a later time.

</div></div></div><div style="width: 340px; height: 50px; background-color: #f2f2f2; padding: 50px 30px;"><div class="quote"> The Everdistant Utopia</div> <div class="notez">father ignorance makes brothers of us all</div>
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Oct 16 2017, 11:16 AM
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Name of Character: Ulrick Dayne<p>

Character Link: <p> <p>

Link to approved purchases or cash ins (if any): <p>

Free Ability: <p><p>

Description of Edits: I'd like to add Great Strength to Ulrick's abilities <p>

Coding (if any):

[*]GREAT STRENGTH |This character has a powerful frame and body, capable of using heavy weapons and heavy armor without hindrance and overpower others with strength. <p>

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Oct 9 2017, 10:09 AM
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Ulrick reminded himself this was only a temporary arrangement, but considering the sheer volume of highborn attended to this grand feast, he had a hard time wondering whether or not he would actually be able to find some time for himself. Ulrick was no stranger to popularity, but this was the first time he could not walk a mere three feet without being stopped and asked for something, whether a duel, or a marriage proposal, or a girl simply wanting to dance, he had to be cordial. <p>

Between the "Apologies, I must go," and "Forgive my my Prince is waiting," and "I must find the princesses before any further trouble is instilled," he actually had to make it a point to find the person he had been looking for. It was the sole purpose of this that he and Anneryn had arrived early, for they knew that somewhere in this massive, food and nobility parlour, was a princess who did not conventionally travel to this place. <p>

He could already imagine a thousand worries flooding over him. If he had known her princess, right now she was drunk out of her mind on dreamwine or nightshade, and dancing with some poor sop of a nobleman who had never seen the light between a Dornish woman's legs. It was a fortunate thing that he looked like a Lannister or Valyrian, those who did not recognize his appearance were quick to show a sign of respect as he moved past them. <p>

The great hall of the iron throne was filled to the brim with dancing highborn nobility. The music played was from some overseas Volantene orchestra which had been popular for the last several years. And then he found her, dancing beside some highborn snob clearly unaware of who she was. In fact, Ulrick himself did not recognize who she was at first. It had been two years since he had last seen her, and she had grown in those years. <p>

"Forgive me, my lord, but I'm taking over." Ulrick said, briskly, to the man who had been dancing with her. Ulrick took Astris's hand and pulled her into his body, placing a hand on her waist and looking into her eyes with his own. His first instinct was to say where were you? But he stopped himself, "I have bad news princess." Ulrick spoke, suppressing a smile. "I win the game of hide and seek. Now you owe me a massage and a few apologies, for making us worry about you this much."

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Oct 4 2017, 03:25 AM

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where iron meets flesh we'll take it all

</div><div class="utchancename">

<b>blue</b> and silver

</div><div class="utchance1"><i class="fa fa-user"></i> twenty eight
<p><i class="fa fa-balance-scale"></i> faith of the seven
<p><i class="fa fa-heart"></i> highborn
<p><i class="fa fa-star"></i> sword of the morning
<p><i class="fa fa-child"></i> house lord
<p><i class="fa fa-comments"></i> knight

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<m class="fa fa-quote-left"></m> ulrick is the head of house dayne of starfall, and the most recent sword of the morning. he is tall, with somewhat valyrian features, with short blonde hair and teal-blue eyes. ulrick stands at the crossroads of being a knight, but beats with the heart of a dornishman, passionate, competitive, and dedicated. he is a natural born killer with the smile and gait of the archetypal knight.

<p><m class="fa fa-users"></m> above all else, ulrick needs to believe in something bigger than just people. he believes in concepts of justice, mercy, truth, honor and virtue, because without it, he cannot justify himself as just another sellsword or bandit. he is honest and good intentioned, almost to a fault, and because of it, he is often teased by many of his friends and associates. he will like anyone who embodies, or attempts to live by their principles, so long as they truly have those principles, and are not simply acting upon them for favor.

<p><m class="fa fa-user-times"></m> ulrick, like most people, finds it hard to often stop how he feels about certain behaviours, but he does not often act out from these emotions. he is mostly controlled. mostly, enemies only come from situations, politics, sudden unfortunate misunderstandings, but like most people who have a rigid moral compass, he often decides which behaviours are deserving of action and which ones are not.

<p><m class="fa fa-heartbeat"></m> ulrick has had intimate feelings for others before, but they are often transitory, as is the nature of dorne, love is celebrated, and open, and free, not something that is only intimated. he is open with his feelings, honest with his thoughts, but he also has nearly no experience in flirting. He has fathered bastards, and loves them dearly. Despite his family's urgins to marry and produce trueborn heirs, he is under no pressure to jump into anything, he is fully content for his brother to take the mantle if need be.

</div></div></div></div></div></div><div style="width: 550px; font-family: arial; text-align: right; text-transform: uppercase; font-size: 7px;"><a href="">&copy; lauz</a></div></center>[/dohtml]
Oct 3 2017, 10:58 AM
This is a fairly simple game. Link a song that you feel is fitting to the character above your post.


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