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<span class="name">Ser Matthos</span>
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Crownlands | None | LowBorn | Hedgeknight | 22 | Male

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<div class="content3">Personality:

<p>Matthos is a silent man, not one for meaningless conversation or niceties. He observes - people, scenes, events unfolding, although he is no opposed to helping out whenever there is trouble. He cares not for fine clothes he is a man with simple tastes.  Preferring to be comfortable, and unobtrusive. He mainly wears dark colors, browns, blacks, and greys which help him to blend in with the landscape around him. Although there are a few exceptions to this and that is his own armor and good quality forged weapons and armor and titles.   is a man of justice and is a believer in the old gods. For all his arrogance and pride, 's heart is in the right place. He believes in justice and freedom. He feels that he must defend those who cannot defend themselves. He can be merciful to his enemies and gets no pleasure from killing. has an unwavering loyalty to whomever he serves currently but however being a wandering knight he has true deep hearted loyalty to the Targaryen's. He has never nor will ever break an oath he has sworn and he has made it apart of his own code of honor.<p>

<p>His word is his promise and he will do everything in his power to uphold bargains or promises with others. He will not take part in actions that he feels are dishonorable. If he sees a village in need, he will rush to their rescue and do what he can, usually without care for the odds against him. He can be level-headed though and do what is for the greater good. He doesn't like to see any form of maltreatment to other human beings. A foe on the battlefield is different. They're trying to kill him. He'll do so back! When he sees someone being treated badly he gets a shiver up his spine, where he can, he will help the person in need.<p>

<div class="content3">Background:
<p>Chapter one<p>
<p>The Birth of A Boy<p>
<p> Our story begins with the meeting of Matthos parents. His father was a Blacksmith and his mother was a simple farmer. His parents were both born in the born in flea bottom and we're proud Targaryen supporters. Their loyalty was forged through the acts of Aegon. They hoped that one day that will of theirs would pass on to there children. Then on the eve of the 30th day of November a child's cry echoed throughout the home of his parents. Their newborn son Matthos was born and that day they decided flea bottom was no place to raise a child so they took up their possessions and set out to the outskirts of rosby keep and built a home for themselves. They hoped that one day that Matthos would be instilled with the value of honoring the Targaryens. When Matthos was still an infant he was a mischievous little tyke. He would crawl away toward where his father’s sword was and try to unsheathe it. Though his mother would of tend to scoop him up away before he would get too close to the sword. At the age of three Matthos, however, became extraordinarily ill and was developing the beginning stages of greyscale upon his left side of his back. His parents were going through a financial strain and could not afford to send him to the citadel.<p>

<p>So his father went out each and every day searching for help selling whatever he could in the street of steel and begging for aid for his sick son. He even went to to the lord of Rosby keep and begged for an audience with the lord. The lord of rosby reluctantly agreed to see him. His father offering up two of the valyrian steel ingots to the lord as payment if he would fund his sons tretment and trip to the citadel but he did not gurantee that Matthos would survive. the lord greedily accepted these precious heirlooms and paid for the treatment and travel the citadel. With that, his father and mother sent there only only to the citadel and with extraordinary luck or perhaps it was a blessing of the gods he was able to beat the disease except now along his shoulder blades the grey scale pattern sickness would remain although no longer spreading or contagious it would remain poxed upon his back. His parents had told him that he was saved by the generous donation from the king instilling a lie in his mind. After the recovered years would pass He would often go into the forest with his father and gather herbs and berries not to mention assist his father in his Smith duties. At the age of 6, his father began to teach him how to wield a sword as well as make him a true black smith’s apprentice. After eight years of training with the sword and bow and anvil, Matthos finally managed to get his father sword out of his hand however he still had quite a way to go with the anvil and forge.<p>

<p>Having nearly one time caused a fire to his father’s forge though fortunately, the damage was minimal due to the quick actions of his father and his neighbors. He would begin to gradually catch up to his father’s skill in blacksmithing although he was nowhere near that level at the age of ten. Time would pass and his skill in Blacksmithing would increase over the years slowly through his skill with the sword and improved far greater. At the age of 11 his father taught him how to hunt for game believing his son was ready and old enough. Their first hunting trip ever they would go out and hunt for deer, his father teaching him about signs to look for of an animal such as scat, fur caught on bushes or even the simplest tracks.<p>

<p>Chapter II<p>
<p>Darkness Arises<p>
<p>Then tragedy struck when Matthos turned 16. He was out in the woods hunting while his parents were at home spending some time together it was their anniversary so he thought he should let them have some privacy. Little did he know a large patrol of bandits were in the area and they were hungry! As Matthos made his way home with a large deer hanging over his shoulder and some of his mother’s favorite flowers in his right hand. When he was almost home he noticed a group of men was leaving from the direction of his home. Fear and paranoia crept upon him like a tidal wave his eyes widened in shock and he dropped the deer and the flowers and ran home through the woods avoiding the men. He ran home and found it in ruins blood was splattered across the floor and walls. Rage filled his heart along with grief and sorrow. Tears rolled down the face for the first time ever since he was a small child as he discovered the bodies of his parents. His mother and father had their hands locked together. A shredded Targaryen banner draped over his parents. His father breathed and let out a gasp and slowly opened his eyes halfway.<p>

<p>His father’s sword was in his father’s free hand covered in blood. Matthos ran over to his father as he lay bleeding on the ground gasping and shivering as he spoke "get the men who did this.... they violated your mother and ransacked the house, avenge our family's honor, you are the last of our family my son I .lo.. I loo.. I love you, remember fire and blood." With that, his father passed on leaving him alone in this world.<p>

<p>Then something in Matthos snapped. He ran to his room and grabbed the armor he had forged himself. To him, this was his greatest work he had ever made or perhaps will ever make again for he knew not if he would return. He took up his father’s sword and scabbard and would go down and hunt down the men whom he had seen. In time he came to their camp hearing them brag about how easy it was to kill that blacksmith and wife. Rage took the better part of him and his consciousness blackened out. The entire event was hazy at best although something’s remained strong the smell of the forest, the warm feeling of blood gushing down his hands. His body moving and he slaughtered the men without mercy. It was as if he had blacked out the entire moment in his mind. His body moving on its own hacking and slashing and stabbing instinctively.<p>

<p>Chapter III
A Light Found In The Darkness<p>
<p>When he came to his senses he found himself covered in their blood and locked away in a cell. A man stepped forward a look of nobility was upon him as Matthos examined the man. The man would then speak up and give Matthos three choices saying he was rather impressed with Matthoses combative skill either be sent to the wall remain in prison or become a squire to him. He paused momentarily as he looked at the man and smiled and choose the third option. For the next ten years, he served as a squire to the Lord of Rosby. His training was difficult as a squire even pushing his patience being forced to do all the chores without so much as a question. Otherwise he would get a beating, So naturally, he received a lot of beatings. One of which at the age of 17 he was ordered to clear out all the stables without any help and by sundown, He regretfully never got to finish the chore since he was still recovering from a beating leaving his right arm sprained and a few broken ribs from jousting practice. Oh, the beating he got he would never forget his face was swollen to the size of a pumpkin his eyes were black and blue leaving him as well temporarily blind from the swelling as well. and was eventually granted the title of a knight at age 22. But in his heart, he felt he needed to go on a journey and discovery for himself a lord or lady truly worthy to serve and with the Lord of Rosby's keep permission he became a Hedge Knight<p>

<div class="content3">Armies:

<div class="content3">Abilities:
  • Combatant | This character is skilled at arms and can wield weapons with expertise, granting an advantage in a battlefield situation or in a duel. Characters at this stage can take on most knights in a melee<p>
  • Rare Materials Smith | Rare Materials Smith is capable of modifying items out of exotic and rare materials, provided that they are capable of obtaining that item within the roleplay. For example, if someone were to bring the smith Valyrian Steel, they would be able to modify it to create another item.

<div class="content3">Inventory:
  • Shadows bane | Standing at a total length 47 5/8 inches long from the tip of the blade tot eh top of the pommel. the blade itself's length is 35 1/4 a single blue sapphire gem standing in the middle of the crossguard. The blade is composed of forged of Valyrian steel. The sword has a deep blue leather handgrip. His father's grandfather had received 6 Valyrian steel ingots 100 before years ago before Aegon's conquest and were treated as a precious heirloom to the rather poor low born family of sellswords at the time. They received these ingots as a spoil from battlefields and payment for there services. Then on his day of the coronation of his knighthood, He went out to one of the few smiths left in Westeros and payed the smith with one of the bars and had the smith use the reminder to create the blade into his own personal creation and design along with the last one being used to forge the crossguard of the sword.

<span class="ooc">Matthos • D.Gray-man, Neah D. Cambell</span>
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