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Dec 10 2017, 01:50 PM
Lannisport. There was no place like, dredged by the sea. The Sea Road was beautiful this time of year, winding up the coast like a great snake bearing its fangs against the sun over the horizon. It'd been some time since he'd even come this close to the city, pulling his ship into an un-designated cove among the rocks where the common man was not likely to have any well-dealings.

Seeing as how this was a shipping port, he had to be cautious about where he made haul. The Flighty Duchess was bound to raise a few eyebrows if the everyday goings caught wind of him. If he needed to make a quick getaway, there were sandbars not far off that he could use to impede any pursuers for just long enough. The right tack and they would be capsized with little chance of ever catching eye of him again.

His small crew made ways, dropping the anchor and beginning to tie in the ropes. "Make sure she stays ready to move at the first sign of trouble. If this goes badly, we'aint stickin round. We haul ass right out the gates." And with that, the small crew gave an affirmative 'aye, aye' and he was off to the ground. Weird how making land to buy supplies pick up some fresh 'goods' always felt refreshing for his sea legs!

The client wasn't meant to meet them until later on this afternoon and so he had some free time to stock up on supplies they'll need for the round trip back. Once they were stocked up with supplies and fresh goods, they would be off and back to the Summer Sea and hopefully wouldn't be more than a day's stretch.

Once all was seen to, he bristled a finger over his silvery locks of hair. At one time, they had been those of a Greyjoy, black and strong, but now they were withered silver and grey. Perhaps he'd been at this for a bit too long. As he walked off the cove and off to the side of the road leading into Lannisport. The guards and walls would be a problem if he wished to enter Lannisport directly, but there were other ways of sneaking in.

Dawson wasn't a successful smuggler for no reason whatsoever. His experience taught him that there were always holes and chinks in even the finest plate. Find the weakness and then make use of it. Fortunately, he'd once had a fling with a young woman who taught him quite a bit about the innings and outings of this place. There was an opening in the walls, deep and far from prying eyes where the waters had burst through. It was a bit tight so best way to reach through it was to take your clothes off and scurry through quickly.

After that, there was a clearing on the side of the marketplace where you could quickly change back and be on your merry way. Seeing as how it was still early morning, he need not worry too much. The guards would be sleepy and off their rockers, hurrying just to get through their morning shifts.

Once in town, his job was just to make it to this meeting place with the rare accessory of the client's request. They had planned to meet at an inn, but that wouldn't do since in recent years, he'd become wary of meeting his clients at inns. Too many people with eyes there so he decided they would meet in the market and then do business a short ways from the common whore house.

The place was lively and moderately full. In the crisp morning air, Dawson walked with a scarf tied around his neck and his hair messed up and ragged. Couldn't be too careful when it came to avoiding the guards. Deep in the straights of town, he didn't seem to easily catch sight of his buyer, but that was to be expected. People in this day and age were so cagey and expecting that every meeting was a trap.

Well, there was some wisdom to that though. After all, he held the same mindset.


Note: Still getting used to Dawson's character XDD. You'll have to forgive me for the lack of template again XDD I prefer to create my own and it would take me a while to create one atm. Also, if you prefer a different place, I will happily move this thread if you need it to be someplace else to go with the timeline.

Dec 5 2017, 03:21 AM
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<div class="fronts">Iron Islands | Greyjoy | Highborn | Smuggler |
36 | Male</div>


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<div class="seconame">JACK THE RIPPER</div>

<div class="secosubh2"> personality </div>
<center><span style="font-size: 13px; color: Grey; font-style: italic; font-family: Papyrus;">"Do you believe the Drowned God likes to see his subjects in such a pitiful state; lying on a beach with their limbs chained to stakes in the sand, awaiting the tide to sweep away their last pitiful breath?"

"What fear do you have of the dark? If the dark is you, than why turn away from it?"

"If you ever catch me in a bit of truth-tellin - just a little - than I want you to come runnin as fast as yer legs can carry."</span></center>

Through the many hardships he has had to endure, Dawson has lived most of his life a tortured rogue. A man whom personifies the Ironborn values of seafaring skill and strength, but also takes these traits to their final and extreme ends.

Dawson's general behavior among strangers and unfamiliars can be considered akin to those a madman, especially since his demeanor, words, and actions are frequently provocative and often sexually coarse. He lies frequently and compulsively, showing no compassion or mercy for his enemies and refusing to give quarter to anyone who may constitute a potential threat.

Of course, Dawson wouldn't be much of a leader if there wasn't a common bond among the smugglers he leads or at least a means of keeping them bound to him. Cutpurses, mercenaries, criminals; Dawson recruits anyone with no other place to go and keeps them in line through his skill of command, harsh disciplinary regiment, and his infamous reputation. Among his crew members, there is a reciprocated kind of understanding about Dawson's habits and lying. So long as his crew follows the rules and obeys his orders, he is a fair-minded and comfortable man to be around since he always adheres to the letter what he calls the ironclad rule on his ship: All men and women are equal in the eyes of the sea.

When in good company, Dawson does show a much more calm, compassionate, good-humored, and philosophically empathetic side of himself. He likes to relax and have a drink with his comrades. He also has an acting soft spot when it comes to children, often ceasing his more puzzling habits when children are nearby. Despite his depravity, one of the ironclad rules that he espouses is that children are not to be corrupted. They are meant to be nurtured and left to come into their own without the influence of corrupted adults.

Down to this very core however, the root of his character lies in his cynical philosophy in the nature of man which influenced and leads his practice and personal devotion to an extreme interpretation of the Ironborn's core belief system. Overindulgence and excess are seen as pious acts in his view, which is why Dawson has a ritualistic habit of going to excess with his vices, whether he's in a foul mood or as a signal of his faith in the Drowned God. Men, Women, Alcohol, Blood, Pride, Hubris - Humankind is made stronger via their acceptance of and understanding of their vices and darker sides and made stronger through their acceptance and conquering of them. To turn away from, deny, or even just to suppress basic human urges is unseemly and seen as weakness.

Though extreme in his instincts, Dawson does eschew the more traditionally religious tasks and taboos against homosexuality, decency, women, and even incest so long as it is made to be as loud and as passionate as possible and if a woman can prove herself just as skilled as a man, than he sees no problem letting them have a fair go at it. Honestly, he takes everything to the extreme and very little is off the table when it comes to the man himself. Though he is not incapable of trust, he prefers to be as self-dependent as he can be which even counts when it comes to basic supplies and food.

When it comes to punishment, Dawson has no bottoms that he won't cross if it means to meek out consequences for those who cross him. Infrequently, he'll even be seen engaging in cannibalism of both his enemies or those on his ship that violate these ironclad rules. Much like all Ironborn, he believes in taking what he wants from his foes by force, but his devotion and faith often crazes him to take it a step further and place his mark on slaves and people who disrespect the rules of the Drowned God that include Guest right.

<center><span style="font-size: 13px; color: Grey; font-style: italic; font-family: Papyrus;">"The true calling and nature of men is to all eventually drown themselves in something; that is what we have war and prostitutes for. I just prefer to tell ya exactly what I'm craving."</span></center>

In battle, he hides nothing and shows his vindictiveness out in the open, even enjoying the sight of his enemies suffering. Although he may sometimes look out-of-control and frenzied, Dawson has a keen, crafty sense for combat and he is ambidextrous to boot.

<div class="secosubh2"> history </div>

Dawson spent his early life among the Ironborn where he was a bit of a pariah and regarded many of the other Ironborn as backwards for rejecting things that were basic to survival such as basic reading and understanding. He did subscribe to the basic ideas and philosophy of his people however and wanted to see and adventure all around the world.

His upbringing began fairly typically for a sire of House Greyjoy, with Dawson becoming a pretty normal raiding pirate while aboard a vessel known as <i>"The Flighty Duchess"</i>. In time though, his extremism caused some to be much more cautious and wary of him and his various habits. Rather than concern himself with inheriting the throne, Dawson consumed himself in raiding along with his brothers. He raided and explored all over the kingdoms of Westeros, meeting many new people in this time. At a young age, his father, a distant relative of the Greyjoy family, fell ill and left the upkeep of both the man and his brother up to Dawson until his brother shortly would come of age.

Many who witnessed Dawson's gradual change believe his downfall began with his father falling ill and stubbornly refusing to leave the care of his two sons to another. His father, thinking that doing so would show weakness and be unmanly, unwittingly set the stage. Time passed, and it was during this period that Dawson took on increasing amounts of work. To help him cope with the incredible stress, Dawson began to seek comfort in all sorts of things. He drank excessively and had flings with women and men. Probably nothing more damaging occurred though then the relationship he held with his brother in this time period.

The two of them fell in love and Dawson used that instance to selfishly comfort himself above all. Dawson's tragic downfall came when this relationship was discovered by a friend who betrayed his trust and immediately ratted him out to one of the authorities. And just like that, in accordance with the laws of the Drowned God, he was left on the beach with his legs and arms chained to stakes to await the tide. Luckily however, Dawson cleverly managed to escape the conviction and made his way out to sea. There he killed the man, taking his ship and weapons along with him.

Years came and went and Dawson settled into and gained an infamous reputation pillaging in the areas around Dorne as well as the Narrow Sea, bearing his own marker on the sails of the ship he had been on all his youth as it cut through the waves <i>"The Flighty Duchess"</i>

<div class="secosubh2"> Abilities</div>

  • COMBATANT |This character is skilled at arms, and can wield weapons with expertise, granting an advantage in a battlefield situation or in a duel. Characters at this stage can take on most knights in a melee. <p>
  • LIGHTNING QUICK | This character was born with excellent reflexes and explosive muscle generation, granting greater quickness and reaction time.
<div class="secosubh2"> Items</div>

  • HEARTREAVER & BLOODSPEAKER | Two identical twin castle-grade steel hatchets; light and gruesome-looking small axes that can be used to cut quickly and leave messy cuts in their wake and for which Dawson is notorious for. The Hatchets have a frightening appearance, made from a master smith for a patron on the high seas that left Dawson lying on a beach. After being freed from his near-death experience, Dawson sought out the man and cut his head off before taking the axes for his own with but a single iconic phrase. "I have paid the Iron Price." Some men and women of the sea nicknamed them "The Drowned God's Anger"

<div class="secosubh2">OOC</div>

OOC Name: Misha <br>
FC: GANGSTA | Worick Arcangelo <br>


<div class="credit">nhi @ ooc</div>

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