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The North

The largest region of the Seven Kingdoms, the dominion of The North extends from the border of the New Gift, which is controlled by the Night's Watch, to the southern edge of the Neck far to the south. The north is strongly affected during the long winters, with thousands of people killed and famine a common occurrence due to poor harvests before winter or the inability to raise crops during the longer winters that last for for years on end. In winter, snows can fall forty feet deep. Rain falls cold and hard, and sometimes turns into hail that can send men running for cover and ruin crops. Even during summer, snowfalls are not unusual but tend to be brief and not particularly damaging to agriculture.

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The Vale of Arryn

The Vale is located on the eastern shore of Westeros, a land of fertile soil, rivers, and lakes, protected by its largely impassable Mountains of the Moon. The Vale tends to be slightly isolated from the rest of Westeros. Its harsh winters make travel only possible through the mountains during warmer years, and rebellious mountain clans make travel even more dangerous. The Vale can be reached through the high road, which connects the Vale and the riverlands, and is protected by the Bloody Gate.

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Comprising of mostly villages, towns and the fort of Riverrun, these lands are blessed by the rivers' bounty and they use it as a natural moat with their unique architecture and foundation. Their Lords are among the most noble and honest of folk. Most attribute their virtuous disposition to the Faith of the Seven.

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By: Aimeric Tully
Iron Islands

Shit-stained cliff edges and musty, groggy dampness infiltrates almost everything in this seemingly gods-forsaken land. The people eke out a living by the iron price, or stoop to a second class status and resort to meager living if they abandon the Old Way. That is the way of the Greyjoys, whose seat is Pyke on the western coast of the continent.

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Ruled by the same family for ages, their mines run deep with iron and gold, allowing them to exploit the most out of their domain. The Lannisters have little love for any beyond their own kin, and their followers are staunchly loyal to the jingle of coin. They make their seat at Casterly Rock, an aptly positioned fortress looking over Lannisport.

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The poor and the richest mingle in the capital of Westeros, wherein two important landmarks co-reside: The Great Sept, belonging to the Faith of the Seven; and the Red Keep, seat of the Targaryen Dynasty. Further along the coast lies the staging point of Aegon's Landing, Dragonstone. Targaryens reign supreme throughout the entire region.

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The Reach

Lording over the largest domain in the Southern province, the Tyrells have access to the most fertile lands in the region, making them an economic powerhouse. What they seem to lack in reputation they make up for in character and influence. They depend little on trade and are quite shrewd, known for cutting corners where possible.

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By: Emile Hightower

The Stormlands are the home of many Westerosi who are of Andal descent. Their lords claim heraldry from both the former Storm Lords and even the dragon lords. They suffer the most extreme autumn storms of Westeros; Storm's End is the Lord's fortress, and is reputed for being enchanted against the storm by a famous Builder.

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Further South than any of the other Houses of Westeros, Dorne is ruled by House Martell. Their landscape is arid and mostly sand and dried earth. Summer and spring take up most of their calendar's cycle. Their main trades are poison and many other exotic reagents indigenous to their dunes. Their citizens are notoriously hot-blooded and live in slums.

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By: Astris Martell

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