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orrespondences were enjoyable to write, albeit several lords would've argued much to the contrary. Darrius figured the majority of them reveled in the company of younger women, surrounded by the vast pleasures and hearty drinks that their position allowed them. The tanned male chuckled as he filed away his scrawling, dipping his quill into the ink twice more to coat it in the pitch colored ooze. He padded the paper diligently, ensuring that his penmanship was as legible as could be. Wouldn't want the lords struggling to read it in the midst of their stupor, after all! Another throaty laugh escaped him, seeming pleased with his continued digression towards his peers.

What were they going to do him, really? House Frey had deep roots, and a tree would not waver until it either fell over on its own...or someone brought the axe to it. From his perspective, most of the houses didn't have a utensil long enough for such a task. That was aside from the point though. Such a situation would never come about: since they'd seldom know his true feelings to begin with. Their ilk brewed ignorance into comfort, while he toiled tirelessly for the sake of his house. The Lord smiled, pressing a finger gently into the corner of his eye. A quick wipe removed some of the rigidness from his features, blinking a few times to gain some sense of fluidity. What time was it?

Darrius shook his head slowly, cleaning his quill with the spare piece of parchment along the edge of his desk before setting the feather down. A break was in order, a long one assuredly. Maybe a walk around the castle would clear his mind, make the evening easier to envy. His palms gripped the armrests, slowly rising from his cushioned seat with a groan. He might not've been old, but all of this sitting certainly made him feel like it. He rounded his desk, embarking for the door in hopes of getting some fresh air. Unfortunately, one of his advisors found it appropriate to open the door before he could reach the handle. The smaller man seemed startled to see his Lord so close, but quickly regained his bearings. He opened his mouth as if to speak, but said nothing with Darrius' keen gaze set upon him.

The tanned Lord raised a brow, speaking for the younger messenger. "Is something the matter?" He prodded cooly, watching curiously as the other male stammered out a reply. "G-g-guest...for you m'lord. Th-they want to speak to ya." Darrius tilted his head, hand embracing the boy's shoulder as he moved his way past. "Thank you Codin." He supplied. The boy smiled, nodding before following along. The path to the main hall was followed in silence, the occasional guard making the rare comment to their Lord as he finally neared the entrance. Stopping short, the male adjusted his cuffs. It was time to see who this new visitor was and more importantly: what they wanted.
// @OPEN // A Visitor? Who could it be?
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Leaving Vermithor outside the castle and far out-of-bounds was always a tough chore for him. The dragon was always with him, close-by in his mind, but the distance between them left him with a somewhat empty feeling inside. Much moreso when he journeyed to other lands, searching for any goodwill that could be had with the lords of the many houses of Westeros. It wasn't a journey he undertook while expecting much in the way of fanfare. He guarded himself, masking his emotions and trying his best to look diplomatic to boot. Without his dragon, he found it was a bit easier walking up to the castle to request an audience with such high lords, but it was not without nerves and the flickering of his own self-doubt. Even the Raven he had sent ahead of his visit seemed to have either gotten lost, was killed, or disregarded entirely. Consideration of every case made him nervous. Once the boy who had been his escort left his company, Laem sat in stark silence in the main foyer, waiting and staring out the emptiness of the window. House Frey did have beautiful lands that he had to admire the view from. It was impossible to describe. A few minutes passed, but eventually he was beckoned forth and the entryway granted. Rising from his chair, he strode forth nobly, dressed in silken garments befitting a diplomatic visit. It wasn't his normal attire, but while in attendance with a house lord as important as the Freys, he wasn't about to be seen as impudent. His voice was kind and he bowed deeply as they approached one another. "Apologies for the late visit. I didn't wish to disturb you and arrive without warning... but the Raven I sent seems to have run into a bit of ill fortune. It's a pleasure to meet you in-person once again, Lord Frey."
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