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 PARTY FOR THE REALMS, icebreaker event
 Posted on: Mar 16 2018, 12:52 PM
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In a bid to show the good nature of the crown and their love for the nine realms, the Targaryen family has put together a party for all to come and enjoy. There has been a rocky patch where relations between the kingdoms have stagnated, and this is their solution to such a dilemma.

Highborn and lowborn alike are welcome to attend; be it to form alliances, get a taste for the life of a noble, or merely just to mingle. Wine is available, as well as food prepared by the good King Vaelys’ retainer, Ameylia Targaryen. While rooms within the Red Keep are restricted to highborn only, lowborn and others are welcome to roam the guarded halls for the duration of the feast.

During the Party for the Realms event, all threads made in light of the event will be given an additional 100 CP upon completion. Don’t forget to turn it in for those points! Each character will receive the reward up to three times, once for each thread completed. On top of this, an additional 20 CP will be awarded for any of the bonus points you manage to incorporate into your thread. These bonus points are not capped, so feel free to collect them all before the events end!


On the road to King’s Landing, you encounter a character interesting enough to keep your company. While traveling with this person you…

Bonus points! ↴

    ► Spend a night together, whether at an inn or under the stars. Have a drink, or sing around the campfire, or something. Whatever it is you hooligans do whilst traveling.
    ► Get attacked by bandits! Do you give them what they what or fight back?
    ► End up taking a detour. Either because of an impassable road, bad directions, or something that catches your eye, something gets you both off track.

Being such an early arrival can have its perks. While only the highborn are permitted stay in the Red Keep itself as guests, others are allowed entry within to take in its walls. While roaming the Keep and the surrounding city, you...

Bonus points! ↴

    ► Meet a noble resident. Who knows? You might make a new friend in high places.
    ► Attempt thievery or even poke your nose where it doesn’t belong. Just be careful; there are guards everywhere.
    ► Walk the marketplace. You never know what goods you might find on such an occasion!

The day of the feast has arrived and there are plenty of party-goers. While enjoying the festivities, you...

Bonus points! ↴

    ► Find a partner for the dance. Both newcomers and veterans alike are encouraged to take to the floor. Yes, even those of you with two left feet.
    ► Dine on the fine cuisine provided and share in the merriment with company. Though try as you might, the coordinator of the banquet refuses to share her secrets.
    ► Be part of the entertainment for the night. No feast can go without some feat of glory, right?
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